Friday, March 27, 2009

I Keep Finding Bits of My Heart in San Francisco says it's 59 degrees right now in my old San Francisco area code. Well, I spent the morning in that area code and it was NOT 59. More like 70. Naturally, I am wearing long sleeves, a jumper, tights and leather shoes, so I fried.
Now that I'm back at our home away from home, I'd love to change into this slip dress I bought at Old Navy and get back out in the sunshine. However, I'm stuck indoors for three hours due to nap. And poor Pebbles, who started the trip with a cold but this morning woke up with a brand new one, needs this nap very badly. Once again, she ASKED for her crib.
If only this trip could train her for life to understand that sleep is a privilege to be asked for. Somehow I don't think that's gonna happen, though.
Today I'm packing us up and tidying up our friend's parents' condo where we've been staying, so we can move from Nob Hill over to Bernal Heights. Only the heights for us, that's right! We'll stay with our dear old friends Keith, Kay and Eliot for the weekend before heading home.
Tomorrow, the plan is to hit Ocean Beach. Mmm. If you're feeling hot in San Francisco, that's one place you're almost guaranteed NOT to. But even if we have to bundle up a bit again, I think the kids will like it.
This trip has reminded me how exciting it can be to have a little bit of the professional life. Sitting in a couple of sessions and interviews, being surrounded by working people in their snazzy work clothes, it's all got my brain cranking. Smelling all the good food and seeing things I'd like to buy in shop windows, not to mention real estate I'd like to own, reminds me why people I might WANT to earn money, anyway.
Then again, the sweetest moments of the trip have been those proverbial not-for-sales: Conversation with good friends, soaking up the sun in playgrounds while watching my girls.
The trouble, as always, has been the commute between the two lives. My shoulder bag can carry kid supplies or my laptop just fine, but when I stuff both in, it's overflowing. Then I put that bag on my shoulder, pick up a 20-pound toddler (and let's not forget the extra 20 pounds I'm already carrying around), and heave us all up onto the cable car step, and I feel like I might lose my balance.
So far, though, I've managed to keep upright. And mostly smiling. That's all that can be expected, right?

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Bert said...

You're doing a fantastic job with your dual life! Cheers to you!