Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

We're back home. Our fun weekend in San Francisco after working all week turned out a little different than we had hoped. Yes, the weather was warm and sunny, and we stayed with our dear friends, which was fun. We got together with some other dear friends and got to visit "greatest hits" locations like Ocean Beach, Fisherman's Wharf and Dolores Park (Nutmeg: Why do we want to go to a park that's SAD?)
But because Pebbles woke up Friday with a new cold that developed into something nastier by Friday night, one of us had to stay home during most of the fun. And Friday and Saturday nights she woke up crying (and sometimes throwing up) EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR.
The plane ride home was also not fun. She fussed for most of our time at the airport and on and off at the plane. A woman in front of me introduced herself as a "wellness consultant" and offered to give her something to calm her down. I think she said some "drops."
Um, no thanks, random airplane stranger, I'll pass on you giving unidentified drugs to my child. But thanks for offering!
Nutmeg, on the other hand, spent four hours happily busy with her activity books, regular books, Wizard of Oz on iPod and a few minutes of "Sleeping Beauty" on DVD. The whole time she was a little lady and we had some nice little chats too. She watched for the seatbelt sign to turn off before she asked to go to the bathroom.
Even when we all got off the plane after 11 p.m., Nutmeg was a trouper, carrying her own booster seat and keeping right up in the airport. Pebbles by this time was piteously crying about her desire to go home and go night-night, and I'm sure she spoke for everyone in the terminal at that point. There was some kind of taxi shortage (HUH? DO PEOPLE NOT NEED TO EARN MONEY?) so we waited for quite awhile in the line.
But when we finally were on our way back to Oak Park, Pebbles' demeaner did a 360 and she was once again asking me to lean over and receive kisses, and to look at her "all strapped in."
She was just so damn happy to be on her way home.
We came in the door around 1 a.m., and I have never seen two children so happy to go to bed. Pebbles woke up at 10 and I got up with her; Nutmeg just woke up at around 11. It was lovely to sleep back in our own bed, and for most of the night we didn't have to share with Nutmeg as we had when staying with friends. However, once Nutmeg joined us sometime predawn, she woke us up crying about her ear hurting, which we chalked up to delayed effect of airplane landing pressure. She would NOT blow her nose, so there was some agonizing crying and moaning until the Benadryl I gave her took effect and she fell back to sleep. No complaints after that, though.
Thanks to my mom and dad, who were here while we were gone, the house is tidy and pleasant. But I'm still facing all the other travel aftermath: three suitcases to empty, dirty children, empty fridge, all the responsibilities put off until after the trip, not to mention two freelance stories I just promised to the Chronicle.
It's Spring Break, so there's no school today. I'm taking the kids up to Wisconsin tomorrow though so I can get some work in.


Sara said...

welcome back!! there's no place like home...

stop in if you all have a chance since you'll be up in WI...

Bert said...

It was so wonderful to see you! I'm sorry we didn't get to catch up again on Saturday at Ocean Beach, but I totally understand! I hope we'll be seeing you again soon, either on your turf or ours! :)