Monday, March 23, 2009

Have Children, Yet Travel

This morning I woke up at around 5:28 and turned off the alarm clock before it had the chance to ring. I called a taxi, Epu and I hustled our things together, Nutmeg woke up and excitedly got herself into her socks and shoes, and just as the taxi pulled up I tiptoed into Pebbles' room.
"Go away!" she told me, half asleep. Minutes later, we were all off for San Francisco.
It all went pretty smoothly, in the way that a five-year canal construction project might go smoothly. That is, it was grueling and there were unexpected events, but all in all we did ok. We had to get off the plane just as Pebbles would have normally gone down for her nap, and remember that this was after getting her up an hour earlier than usual. The kids were starving but of course we had to load 50 tons of stuff into a van taxi and check into our hotel before heading out to find lunch in my old work neighborhood. The hotel managed to check us in early and gave us a "handicapped suite" so we would have room for our crib. We're staying at a friend's empty condo starting tomorrow, but it was not available tonight.
When I finally got the girls sat down to a decent meal of soup and sandwiches, instead of just crackers and cookies like they'd had on the plane, they ignored the real food and only at the saltine crackers. OK, Nutmeg ate the plain bread from her sandwich after the offensive meat had been removed. And, since I figured they'd been through enough today, I even bought them both donuts.
Then the four of us hit Nutmeg's old stomping grounds -- the carousel she loved to ride as a baby and toddler and a great downtown playground. Pebbles was scared of the carousel but they both had a great time at the playground. The weather is low 60s and we all got a little sun.
The rest of our week is packed with appointments and plans to meet up with friends, so it was great that today was pretty relaxed once we arrived. After work our friend Keith brought over Nutmeg's best friend from her SF days, and they played together just like old times while we all partook of some excellent Thai takeout at the hotel.
And you know what? This hotel has pregnancy massage. Which they offer IN YOUR ROOM. I am so begging for late checkout tomorrow so I can be here for Pebbles' afternoon nap and get massaged while she sleeps.


Kori said...

Have a wonderful time in your home away from home! :)

Sara said...

yikes, girl, you are brave. here's to getting that massage. you deserve it!!

have lots and lots of fun!!