Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 3 of SF Trip With Those Crazy Kids

Actually, I'm really proud of my girls today. It's true that they got pretty crazy in both restaurants we ate in today, and sure, Nutmeg INSISTED on ordering an $11 plate of ribs for dinner and took maybe 2 bites of them. But still, they were troopers, walking on their own feet for quite a ways. Nutmeg even volunteered to carry a bag twice.
Nutmeg, in love as ever with Cable Cars and all things train, has been a real pro about getting herself on and of the cable car so I can focus on hauling her sister and their two-ton stroller. Since we're staying right where the lines cross, the cable cars are our main means of transportation.
With and without the kids, I logged a lot of miles walking in SF today. One of the things I love about this city is the crazy variety of people you see. Granny in Spandex with a distrurbingly muscular bod. Dude in his 60s with the dragon graphic hoodie, hipster hat and book of poetry, in line ahead of me in Walgreen's at 8 o'clock at night. Couple of African American gay guys, embroidered-pocket designer jeans hanging low, loaded down with shopping bags and giggling like girls.
I noticed that the sidewalks and streets aren't as dirty as I remembered, and then I realized why -- it rained all weekend before we arrived. This is as good as it gets, really -- the post rain clean feeling without the rain, beautiful, clear skies and sunshine.
I managed to get the girls into bed by 9 tonight, which is still terrible by their regular standards (11 p.m. our time). But the upside of getting them to bed super late? By the time we got home, Pebbles was begging for it. "Wanna get on jammies. Wanna go night night."

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Sara said...

Heh. I love it when Grace tells me it's bedtime instead of the other way around.

Sounds like a lovely day!!