Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wonderboobs, Activate!

Word is getting around about Salma Hayek's televised breastfeeding of a hungry African baby last week. A friend just forwarded me this Time piece that I thought was very nice. I can't believe I forgot about the Chinese policewoman who nursed orphaned babies after the earthquake there. Talk about mammaries to the rescue!
The piece also mentioned that Octomom is using donated breastmilk. That's good. Hope her television appearancers allow her a little time for pumping, cause when those babies come home, they're gonna be a whole lotta hungry.
Also, I posted to Parenting Squad today about the pressure to over-surveille our kids. Why don't my neighbors understand that sometimes you HAVE to let your 4-year-old drive the car? Don't they know that noplace within walking distance sells beer????


Sara said...

I laughed out loud at the "Wonderboobs, Activate!" I have always thought Salma's boobs were I have another reason to back that up!

Anonymous said...

Wonderboobs, indeed. And Salma's are especially spectacular! I often think of that Chinese police officer, and Kati Kim. I love that Salma Hayek made this statement (and fed that baby!), I hope it helps to reduce the stigma there.

Thanks for posting the Time article link. And how exciting that you're expecting #3! Hope you continue to feel good.

Enjoying your posts here, on the travel blog and wise bread. You are quite the dynamo!