Friday, February 13, 2009

What'll It Be?

We have scheduled our "full inspection" ultrasound for next Thursday, with the hope and expectation that a) everything looks healthy and b) we get to find out the gender.
Beyond my natural raging curiosity (I feel like people who choose not to find out the gender must be a different species for me, because if someone has information about something going on in my life, not to mention in my body, I NEED TO KNOW IT!) there are some practical reasons I'm anxious to find out.
First, Epu and I have been going around in circles about baby names, especially the ever-challenging boy name. I finally put a moratorium on baby name discussions until after the ultrasound -- if we don't need to wrestle with whether it's OK or weird for non-religious people to choose two Biblical names for their son, then why go through it? (Have you ever thought about how few NON-Biblical boy names are in common use among white Americans? Combine that with our aversion to anything that was trendy ever in the last century, and the pickins are slim.)
Second, if we are not having another girl, I'll be able to part with a lot of my girls' outgrown clothes at the upcoming Parenthesis consignment sale, and pick up a few boy things there as well.
Now, let me say here that I am fine either way it goes. With Pebbles, I must admit that I was disappointed (and almost stunned) to find out we were having a second girl. I felt like, we already have a daughter, what would we need another one for?
What I didn't count on is how different two little girls could be. Then there was the common fear that parents have when expecting a second -- how could I ever love anyone like I love that darling baby I already have?
Now, when I tuck those little girls in at night, I understand that this love is as expandable as my belly skin. I know that I will be able to love whatever we end up with with equal intensity as I love these ones here with us now. As I watch their relationship develop as sisters, I'm also so glad that we had two girls. Sisterhood is something I've never experienced myself, and it does feel like a very special kind of siblinghood.
A boy would be a new adventure, that's for sure. But little girls are delicious. So it's all good.
But still, of course, I'm wondering what it will be. So when one of the moms at preschool told me that, after two girls, we have a 75 percent chance of having a third girl, I had to hit Google. Could that possibly be true? I always thought each baby was a new 50/50 coin toss.
Turns out that the truth lies somewhere between those two theories, but closer to my understanding. If the study quoted on this page is reliable, then a couple with two girls has a 54 percent chance of having a third girl. In the general population, girls come out 49 percent of the time, so I'd say we're significantly but not overwhelmingly more likely to have a girl than the general population.
Strangely, famlies who already had two girls were the ONLY ones more likely to have girls. Those who only had one girl were actually had a 54.5% chance of having a boy, while those who had 3 girls had a 52.7% chance of getting a male heir.
That discrepancy makes me wonder if the stat for families with two girls is just a fluke. I mean, if girls run in your family, why would that tendancy just go away after having a third girl?
The same study also said that 75% of famlies with three children have mixed-gender broods.


Marketing Mommy said...

Interesting study. I always thought it was like flipping a coin each time--although some people say they can influence gender with timing sex and the woman's cycle.

In spite of the odds, if I was a gambling gal, I'd say boy.

Kori said...

Very exciting! Can't wait to hear the news, and start knitting appropriately.

Sara said...

Yes, can't wait to hear if there will be another little girl of if Tater will have a little boy to chum around with!!! So excited for you all!

Unknown said...

Did you consult the Chinese gender predictor? I found that there was some huge variance in the ones on the web. But, my friend swears by this one:

She also says that she got it to be much more accurate with a huge data set by adding two years to everyone's age at conception (to make a lunar age instead).

Anonymous said...

I did the chineseastrology stuff (I am chinese-american) but they predicted it was a boy....wrong....I got another girl

jaqulin said...

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