Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turns Out, I'm Pregnant

Tomorrow morning is the 30-point fetal inspection, so you'll hear more from me then.* But today I am 20 weeks pregnant, officially at the halfway point of this pregnancy. Impossible!

I started really feeling and looking pregnant in the last week. It's getting a little harder to bend at the waist, I've had the slightest backaches at night, and today I believe I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction (apparently women do notice these more and earlier the more pregnancies they've had, so not too surprising).

Also today someone asked me in public if I was pregnant again. This woman obviously has a pair of brass balls on her, because I would never, never ask a woman that, even if they looked a LOT more pregnant than I look right now.

How pregnant do I look? This pregnant:

Wow! That is suddenly looking like a lot pregnant. Which is probably why I've been having pants problems lately. And also occasional shirt problems. After two babies and years of nursing, pretty much all my clothes have a high Spandex or Lycra content, but sometimes stretchy shirts get pushed to their limit and just roll right up like window shades. And then you have to reach up under your cute smock top and yank them down, which is not as picturesque as you might think.

Yesterday I got my favorite (and only that fit) jeans out of the dryer and found them pretty tight. I figured it was just that "fresh out of the dryer" tightness, and as the day went on they did get more comfortable, but when I sat down they pressed against my hips quite uncomfortably. At the end of the day, when I changed into sweats, the fetus suddenly began stretching and flipping all over the place, and I realized that it is probably time to retire the jeans.

Epu kept telling me to face facts and get out the maternity clothes, but I felt like they would look like tents on me at this point. I thought about shopping for some transitional clothes, but then I remembered that the pants I've been wearing now ARE transitional clothes that I bought during previous pregnancies or post-partum eras.

I grudgingly agreed to peek inside my two plastic tubs of maternity clothes. Then just for the hell of it I decided to try on a pair of maternity jeans I'd bought at the Parenthesis sale last fall. Taking off my "transitional" pants and putting these things on was ... exquisite. For some reason I have never owned a pair of maternity jeans. OK, I know the reason -- I refused to pay big bucks for something that looks like a tube top welded to the top of denim legs. They look hideous on the hanger. But now that I have worn them, I understand what maternity jeans are? They are sweatpants MASQUERADING as jeans! Sweatpants that you could wear to work at many places!

Why in heavens name don't they make these things in nonmaternity?

So, I put a few maternity items into my drawers, and I'll be trying them out in the next few days. Then one of my neighbors knocked on my door and handed over a bag with some cute maternity tops that don't look too huge.

So, I don't have to go shopping. Yay!

* I have to drink 32 ounces of water by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, to ensure a full bladder by my 8 a.m. appointment. Seriously? Third pregnancy, third all-points ultrasound, never had to drink water before. Yeesh. This might actually kill me.


Kori said...

Good luck today! Sorry to hear about the water drinking---I've heard other women say that they were required to have a full bladder for their ultrasounds, and it doesn't sound comfortable.

Kori said...

After I left this comment, I realized that it was already 8:00 a.m., and you were probably there! Woo hoo! Now I am refreshing your page like a maniac because I'm sure the very first thing you'll do when you return home is update your blog, for your adoring fans---those kids can feed and take care of themselves, right?

Becky said...

Okay, had to chime in and say YES! It is such a relief when you give up wearing regular jeans and put on the maternity clothes. Aaaahh. . .