Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sick in More Ways Than One

Yeah, I guess it might as well get back down to 2 below. Now that Nutmeg is fully recovered from the cold that sent her home from school last week, Pebbles be illin'. We had to postpone her 2nd birthday outing on Sunday, and today, just as I thought she would be better, she woke up, spit up a bunch of snot, told me "Wanna go night-night," and is now sound asleep on the couch.
It's never good when a 2-year-old WANTS to go night-night.
Yet she has no fever, so I'm hoping this doesn't call for a trip to the doctor. Nothing like dragging an unwilling sick kid out into single-digit temperatures. I just cancelled my midwife appointment, in fact.
To cheer us all up, I will now report the funny thing that Nutmeg said last night. I gave her an old Halloween card featuring a couple of candy corns. She read the inside: "Indulge your sweet tooth."
"Ha, ha!" she said. "I get it!"
Me: "You get what?"
Nut: "You know, because if you lose a tooth, you can put a candy corn in its place. A sweet tooth!"
Yeah, um ... I get it too. If it means, the heebie jeebies because I hate even thinking about teeth. Much less edible dentures.


Becky said...

I think she's right, candy corn has always looked like teeth to me. Definite heebie jeebies!

Marketing Mommy said...

I'm guessing there's no swifter path to cavities than a candy corn tooth.

Excuse me while I go find my toothbrush.