Thursday, February 05, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere

I have a post up on Chicago Moms Blog today about one of my usual rants: Our society's refusal to assign economic value to the job of mothering. This time, I zero in on a Milwaukee Journal Expose on how some Wisconsin mothers have tricked the state into paying them for -- gasp -- caring for their own children. And a British organization's report claiming that today's kids are going to hell because parents are too focused on furthering their own careers and satisfying their own desires. Usually I don't like it much when people come out and talk about what selfish jerky jerks we parents are, but this time, I found myself nodding my head to the drumbeat.
I pontificate further on the British report on ParentingSquad.
I also have a new gig blogging about the travel industry for a site called UpTake. Here's my first post there, about a German dude in Mexico with a big personality and how his story may fortell the future of the online travel booking industry.
Amazing what I can get done when Nutmeg actually attends school all four afternoons of a single week, eh? I also hired the neighbor girl to babysit for two hours on Mondays so I can get a little more work in. Ironic, then, that the first thing I turned around to write about with my new free time was how parents should spend more time with their kids and not worry about money so much.


Marketing Mommy said...

Ouch. And here I was just about to write on my own blog about how my career's finally taking off...and taking me to Las Vegas (and away from my kiddos) twice in 2 months.

Carrie said...

Well, I don't have any answers. I think there's a big difference between HAVING both a career and a family and being FOCUSED on only self, career and money to the exclusion of family. And I don't think many dads would be wracked with guilt over taking two biz trips in 2 months.
Personally, I can say that I felt better this week than I have in ages after getting some quality work time in. And I think I may have actually had fun with my kids this afternoon.

Sara said...

Ya know, my whole outlook about my career changed after having children. Before I had Grace, I was so concerned about how my career would change if I had kids and now it's like, "Who cares?" And there was a point in my life when I would have never considered being a SAHM. Now, I find myself kinda wishing I could do it. I do enjoy working outside the home (for the most part) but it's also heartbreaking at times.