Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Pebbles - updated with park review

We celebrated Pebbles' second birthday this weekend, first by having her grandparents over for lunch on Saturday, then by going to an indoor water park today.

She loved Saturday; the temperature had doubled overnight and it was so balmy out she got to try her new teeny Big Wheel outdoors. But she hated the water park.

She thought she was going to like it. We'd been talking about it for weeks, so that whenever I asked her what we were doing on her birthday, she said, "Go wimming."

She still doesn't do letter combinations. She also, apparently, doesn't do water parks.

The place had a river that you could ride along in inner tubes, two big water slides, and a kids area with smaller slides and a lot of water sprays. I put the girls on a big float at first and took them along the river, which I thought would be nice and easy for them. But at one point, water sprays out over the river and gets everyone wet, and when that happend, Pebbles lost it. We'd been at the place with a few friends for all of 15 minutes, and spent most of that getting changed. But she turned to me, crying, and clearly said, "Me all done."

And she was. We were there for 3 more hours, and she never put one toe in the water. At first even sitting near the water play areas was too much for her, because there were more, bigger splashing things. She sat, wrapped in a towel, at the very back of the little party room where we were hanging out, as far from the water as possible. Later, we got her to sit a few feet from the water, but only if she was held snugly in our arms.

It's funny, because last year we went to a birthday party at a similar place and she adored it. She has had an up and down relationship with pools in general. Her party guest who is the same age as her had the same feelings about the place; sprayed once, and she too was all done.

Well, at least she brightened up when the pizza showed up. And she absolutely glowed when we sang Happy Birthday, which has happened to her several times in the last few days so she knows very well it's for her.

When I asked her in the car on the way home if she'd liked her birthday party, she said "Yes" with enthusiasm. Which I thought was pretty funny, but at least she left happy. Then we sang her Happy Birthday again and she sang along, comically behind the beat but enunciating "Happy Birthday to you" pretty well.

Nutmeg and the other guest, who is 3, had enough fun to make up for the little ones.

Nutmeg fell in love with the big water slide -- I couldn't believe they even let her go on it -- and she rode it about six times. The last three times, she walked up to the slide and got on with no one but the attendant to help her. To do that, she had to haul her inner tube up the several flights of stairs. I waited for her in the landing area to make sure she didn't drown if she wiped out upon hitting the pool. She never did, though.

Nutmeg has assured us that we will need to go back there again, and since it's only about a 25-minute drive, we probably will.
Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, this was the Mayan Adventure Indoor Water Park at the Hilton in Elmhurst, right near the airport. I would recommend it for families with smaller kids. It had two large water slides that go outside the building, apparently not too scary for a 4-year-old. The lazy river was great for all ages except for my 2-year-old (apparently), then there was an area for playing basketball, a very large hot tub that allows kids over 3 and was not as hot as they often are (which I appreciated because I totally went in there pregnant), and then the kids area with what looks like a playground playstructure, but with water. Playground-sized slides, a giant bucket that dumps water all over the place, very shallow wading, ropes to hang on. A half day pass was $15 each for adults and kids, under 2 is free.
When the girls are older, we want to check out Key Lim Cove by Six Flags, which is a more expensive venture because you have to stay overnight there (at least $150). This place more than satisfied our little ones though, and it was relatively easy to keep track of them. Also they have a lot of tables right in the kids area which was a nice home base for dumping our stuff -- they used to rent them out as "party cabanas" but they told us to just take one for free. It was Sunday night and not very busy.


Sara said...

Grace was the same way at Pebbles' age with the whole water park thing, but like Nutmeg, she absolutely loves them now. We'll have to get our older girls together for a water park outing soon!

Happy birthday Pebbles!!

Artist4life925 said...

Were you at Blue Harbor? From the description it sounds like it, but it could be any indoor waterpark really. I'm glad she enjoyed her party despite the fear of the splashing

Marketing Mommy said...

We're planning on going to a local water park for the first time this weekend. Which one did you go to and do you recommend it?

Sara said...

ha! glad i'm not the only preggo who ventures into hot tubs (as long as they're not too hot). ;-)

Kori said...

That party was fabu, and even though Pebbles was scared of the water, I thought she did a great job getting used to the sound of the splashing as time went on (as did the other 2-year old). On the plus side, even when she was afraid she got lots of snuggles from all of the adults there who love her!

EJ wants to go back as soon as possible. We even picked up a new swimsuit (with both pieces in her size---I'm on to you, sneaky moms who switch out tops and bottoms and fool unsuspecting parents like me) so we are ready. Thanks for hosting us---we had a BLAST!

Bert said...

Aw! Happy birthday, Pebbles! And hooray for water parks. I bet she'll feel differently next year. :)