Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow -- One of My Favorite CEOs Now Heading Yahoo

Back in my tech reporter days, one of the CEOs I interviewed who I most liked and admired was Carol Bartz. She ran a medium-sized software company called Autodesk, which happens to make software that my husband uses at work. She's from Wisconsin and is a UW alumna. She's a champion of girls learning math. And -- in one of my biggest reporting flubs ever, I found this out AFTER we did this interview -- she's a breast cancer survivor. I've been to her house.*

So I was excited -- and shocked -- just now to read that she has just been named CEO of Yahoo. Autodesk has a market capitalization (basically what the company is worth) of $4 billion. Yahoo's is $17 billion.

That's kind of like, a promotion. Little bit. And since I don't work for a newspaper anymore and don't have to be totally unbiased, may I say, way to go, Carol Bartz!

* It wasn't a personal invitation. She was hosting some event for women in technology.

Oh, and also, I'm 15 weeks pregnant today. Feel good.

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