Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pregnancy Non-Update

Before I let you know how I'm doing at this stage of my pregnancy, I honestly have to take a minute to figure out how many weeks along I am. Ah, I can see already that this child is going to be spectacularly neglected.
OK, according to blog entries I'm 17 weeks as of yesterday. The reason I have trouble keeping track lately is that I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. That's the beauty of the second trimester. Sure, I have a bit more of a gut than usual, but I'm still in my normal clothes (with the exception of my "skinnier" jeans; I have moved up to the size I bought a few months after Pebbles was born but that's also a pretty normal size for me).
I can honestly say I'm suffering much more from the discomforts of winter than from any pregnancy symptoms. My skin is turning into parchment and I move about the house huddled in blankets, but so are you, right? (Except for my reader and friend, mom of Alex G, who I doubt even HAS any blankets in her house.)
I have felt the past couple days like, just maybe, I might feel some movement in down in Fetusville (Uterus county). Then again, as Dooce recently pointed out, it may just be gas.
Just to help the little Fetus bulk up and make its movements known, I've been making sure to binge on lots of potato chips and sour cream dip this week. Getting weighed at the midwife's next week should be fun. Fortunately, this is a period of time when the succubus is supposed to be growing like gangbusters, so hopefully I can just chalk it up to a fetal growth spurt. Yes, my 7-inch-long, 4-month fetus already weights 9 pounds. Please don't say anything to it about this, it's very self conscious!


Sara said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you!! I bet you are feeling little movements...I started feeling some little tickles around 16 or 17 weeks with this one. How exciting!!

When is the big u/s??

Becky said...

That's okay, I miraculously gave birth to a 50 pound newborn. Or he must have weighed that much. 'Cause that's how much weight I gained.

Marketing Mommy said...

For me, one of the best things about being pregnant was the guiltless enjoyment of BBQ potato chips.

babyboyg said...

You made me smile. Yes, we have blankets...these things called "trade winds" come through sometimes. It gets down to 70! You must have blankets around for such events or we will absolutely freeze in our flip flops and board shorts!

But I was up *there* not too long ago. My toes have thawed but the memory of the frozen midwest has not yet melted. My warmest thoughts are with you.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Sounds like you need a Slanket or a Snuggie. I was glad to hear the meteorologists confirm that this has indeed been an unusually cold winter. I know I've been complaining more than normal, but I thought I was just gettting old and crochety.

Glad the pregnancy is progressing smoothly!