Friday, January 09, 2009

Fetus Update

Today Nutmeg, Pebbles and I traveled a mile or so over unshoveled sidewalks to visit the midwife, and, what do you know? According to the Doppler machine wielded by the midwife -- with Nutmeg's assistance -- there is a 14 week, 2 day fetus inside me, heart galloping away.

Getting there was quite a little workout -- our car battery is dead at the moment and so I was unable to use the excuse of an inch or two of snow to wuss out of walking to the appointment. When we arrived and I started to peel the layers off the girls, one dad in the waiting room asked if we had come by dogsled. I said yeah, except, unfortunately, no dogs.

I usually try to get a sitter for appointments, and am usually not able to. However, since the midwife promised Nutmeg that she'd be able to wield the Doppler all by herself next time, I guess I won't be getting any sitters in the future. No need, really. When Nutmeg wasn't helping, both girls sat nicely in chairs in the exam room, eating their snacks, while I got my bp taken, talked to the midwife and listened to the heartbeat. How much do I love my midwife practice right now? One of the midwife groups in Chicago specifically dictated in its paperwork that pregnant women were not to bring other children to the office. But here, Nutmeg gets to assist.

And then we all went to my new favorite Oak Park restaurant, Flat Top Grill, where KIDS EAT FREE. Even if you are just one paying adult. And you are paying with gift certificates. And then they let you take home all the food your kids wanted but didn't eat (it's a build-your-own-stir-fry deal, and Asian noodles have got to be my most favoritest food in the world.) Flat Top Grill, I love you, I love you, I love you. My parents got me FIVE gift certs to this place for Xmas. :-)

But back to my fetus. During my long, holiday-and-vacation-induced silence, I had a first-trimester screening done, which included an ultrasound and a blood test. The results came back "normal," as in, they didn't find any indicators that the future baby is likely to have Down Syndrome. I saw the fetus waving its teeny hands in there, suck its thumb a little and stubbornly refuse to lean forward to the ultrasound tech could get a good picture of the back of its neck. So, everything looks good, my due date is still July 8, and I have gained something like 6 pounds already despite all the walking and paddling we did in Mexico (wait, maybe it's 1 pound of baby and 5 pounds of muscle!).

Most exciting of all, not only is my morning sickness gone and my fatigue reduced (now I can get until 8 p.m. before I feel like collapsing, instead of 5 p.m.), but I can drink a glass of milk without my mouth feeling like I've been licking the rug under the seats in the car. (And you really need to have smelled the inside of my car to appreciate how bad that would taste.)

Nutmeg is now very excited about the baby. Now that we have some positive feedback from uterusland, I feel more ok about encouraging this excitement. She'll throw her cheek against my belly and proclaim her undying love for her sibling-to-be. It's sweet. Pebbles, on the other hand, hasn't really caught on yet.

I would love to prattle on for hours about my iPod-sized boarder, but I have to go search for the receipt for that car battery we bought the week that Pebbles was born.


Kori said...

Hurray! You are already so close to finding out if it is a he or a she---it is always so amazing keep track of these adorable wee ones with you.

Sara said...

So glad to hear that all is well with the baby!

Also, it's so nice to hear you like your new midwife. My OB makes a point of including Grace in each visit that she attends and has let her hold the Doppler from the beginning. She has Grace help her measure my belly now, too, which Grace loves. It really makes Grace feel like a part of things, and in fact, the last time we were at the doctor and Grace wasn't along, my doctor said, "I'm gonna miss your daughter today!" It's a wonderful thing!!

Kim Moldofsky said...

I'm glad everything is going so well!