Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unscheduled Haircut

This is what Pebbles' hair looked like until earlier this week. Lots of it for such a little girl, eh? Since both Nutmeg and I have cowlicks in front, I have always especially loved Pebbles' nice, full bangs.

This is what Pebbles looked like after Nutmeg finished with her Monday.

Notice the little bald patches just above the remnant of her bangs? There are more bald patches on top and in back. The girls were in the dining room, happily drawing, so I grabbed a few minutes to lie down on the couch. I could hear them in there, sounding happy and busy and calm, so I felt that everything was going fine. That illusion was shattered when Nutmeg brought this to show me:

Yeah. A bottle of hair. Gross. And that wasn't all the hair, either. There was a big pile of it on the floor, too. May I add that this was all done with safety scissors? On the day I was planning on taking a picture for our Christmas cards?

Here's Pebbles after Epu "fixed" her haircut. And you know, people already used to say, "Oh, he's so cute" sometimes. Now I'm gonna have to start putting bows and crap in her hair.


Marketing Mommy said...

I'm sure it sucks for you, but I'm laughing my ass off. Moments like this are why I love blogging. Because you don't just have fuzzy memories of this story at future family reunions. You have photos and timelines and PROOF.

Abby said...

Oh no! Well, fortunately Pebbles rocks at being cute anyway - bangs or no bangs. Just out of curiosity, what were Nutmeg's consequences of her newly found profession????

Sara said...

I'm with Abby--at least Pebbles is beyond adorable to begin with, so no bows or cute hair crap needed.

Bert said...

You can't mess with that much adorable! She's still a superduper cutie-pie!

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, the older sister hair cut! She's still looks like a cute little girl to me! I got one of those myself when I was a little kid. It was the only time I remember seeing my mom cry. I can't remember the exact punishment my sister got, but I do remember receiving a heap of her personal effects in retribution for her deed. My Barbie collection doubled!

Carrie said...

What were the consequences? All I really did was lecture her and take away her scissors, assuring her she won't get them back for a long, long time.

When I first saw the hair, I sort of laughed and cried at the same time. Nutmeg freaked out and started screaming and crying herself, like, "You hate me! You hate me!"

Kori said...

Should be an interesting tree TRIMMING event tomorrow, if this is the prelude. :)

I think I would have had the same reaction, except more crying. Hugs to all of you.

BTW: You had me at "bottle of hair."