Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tyranny of the Holiday Cards

Ever have one of those days when you are just out of sync with the universe? Today I tried to change the baby's diaper only to find it clean, then put her in the snowsuit and onto the stroller for about 40 minutes of sitting. Naturally, she managed to go the second the snowsuit went on, I distrusted my own sniffer after the recent false alarm, and by the time we got home the pooptastrophe was so widespread I had to put the baby (screaming for her nap) in the tub.

Then both the cell and house phones rang just as I was putting Pebbles in the crib, with a message left on neither phone. Then, just as I ensconced myself in my "office" (the guest room, being about the warmest room in the house since it is upstairs and also the smallest), with both phones sitting right there next to me, the doorbell rang.

Yeah. A little out of sync.

Which puts me in the mood to talk about the annual race to Christmas, in which I am perpetually out of sync. I think I start holiday preparation a little earlier every single year -- for instance, I bought some gifts this year BEFORE Thanksgiving -- and yet, as always, here I am 10 days from Christmas Day and my cards aren't anywhere NEAR ready. It's not just that most of them aren't written. We haven't even taken a photo that Epu and I are both happy with to slip into the photo holder front.

I'd be fine with this one, after I did a little "red-eye correction" on Pebbles:

Epu, however, is not satisfied with it. I think he feels it's too dark, and also Pebbles' face is dirty. Amazingly, this is the same Dad who spends the few bright(ish) hours of every day with the girls in the a.m.s, and yet has not lifted a finger to post any kind of holiday shot his own damn self.

For your enjoyment, here is my favorite reject from my photo session attempt:

Today, because I always do what I can to please my husband, I attempted to take advantage of a sunny but frigid day to get a better shot of the girls, all bundled up in their winter clothes. As you can see, Nutmeg wasn't having any of it:

Oh well. My photo will probably win out by sheer inertia -- as the mailing days before Christmas dwindle, Epu's objections will become less and less strenuous. This is, by the way, the dynamic of our entire marriage. Epu disagrees with 90% of my choices, but is rarely able to make his own, better choice in time for whatever it is we are planning. This is why I have named both our children, chosen all of our furniture and paint colors, and all of his clothes. He either strenuously objects to my choices or is OK with them, but in the end, it makes no difference.

Oh, I love that indecisive guy. I think over the years I have gotten _a little_ better at figuring out for him what he might like. For instance, if something resembles meatloaf, a powerful and small computer, or glass block, he will probably like it. If it resembles mayonnaise or Grey's Anatomy, he won't. So, you know, I have that to go on. Can anyone give me some tips on taking a photograph that is more like meatloaf than it is like Grey's Anatomy?


Sara said...

Personally, I like your favorite reject photo the best. It's perfect--Nutmeg looks like the perfect doting older sister and Pebbles is all like, "You talkin' to me?" And, it's certainly much better than the reject photo from our Christmas card photo attempts this year.

What is it with our hubbies and indecisiveness? Ugh.

Patois42 said...

I second the call for using the reject photo. Personalities shining through.