Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They Must Have Edited Out All the F-Bombs

Since we've all gotten to know Illinois first lady Patricia Blagojevich in a different light in the past week (like the FBI tape that has her telling her hubby to "hold up that f--- Cubs s--- ... f--- them") I just about lost it when I saw that the December Chicago Parent free magazine contains a profile plugged as "Illinois' first lady on her kids and yours."

Yeah, cause we all want advice on raising our kids from a "lady" who allegedly tried to use her husband's position to get seats on corporate boards -- preferably for about $150,000 a year, as the couple specifies on the tapes.

I feel bad for Chicago Parent for this terrible timing, although to be fair they did know Patti's husband was under investigation. The article alludes only vaguely to "controversy and scrutiny" confronting the family.

A few gems of irony under the new circumstances:

1) P.B. said her new job as development director for the Chicago Christian Industrial League exposed her to poor children whose dads weren't around. "It has made me realize how fortunate children are to have two parents that are there for them." Well, now that her husband is probably going to prison, I guess P.B. will get to experience that difficulty first hand. (Seriously, I feel sorry for those two kids. It can't be fun to find out your parents are crooks and go through this kind of public disgrace, not to mention losing at least one of their parents to prison.)


"Twenty years from now, Blagojevich sees herself and the governor 'retired,
with a nest egg, traveling a lot.'

"'I look forward to the day he's not in politics,' she says."

Tee-hee. Guess that day will come a lot sooner than she expected. Too bad they weren't able to sell that Senate seat for the "nest egg" before the boom came down.


Becky said...

Oy, funny! It reminds me of some magazine--I can't remember if it was Vogue or Vanity Fair--that had a big article on the NY governor's mansion, and how Eliot Spitzer's wife was trying to keep it all green and eco-conscious. She says something in the article about hassling her husband to change to CFL bulbs, and that you know men, they have to be nagged a little in order to change. Like, "Honeeey, pleeese stop seeing that whoooore!"

margaret said...

I noticed The Economist is the only publication I saw that spelled out all the F-bombs. Which really helped because my pals and I were trying to do it ourselves from the heavily [expletive] edited [expletive] versions we'd seen elsewhere.

No wonder The Economist is the fastest growing magazine in America!