Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stupid OB Tricks

This article from today's Tribune reminds me of something Ricki Lake's documentary about birth: OBs routinely use threats about the baby's safety in order to coerce laboring women into obedience.

In the article, a particularly heinous OB did all kinds of obnoxious things, and now he's getting sued. Then he prevented any backtalk: "(The doctor) said Skol was likely to hemorrhage during birth and said the baby might die, causing Skol and her husband to fear complaining."

Honestly, I would say even my midwife in my last birth used this tactic. She wanted me to lie still on my back -- despite my back labor and my difficulty pushing in that position -- because, she said, they were worried that the baby's heart rate was dropping. Later, the doula told me that she didn't think there was anything at all unusual about the baby's heart rate variations.

I don't expect this kind of thing to happen to me with the midwife practice I'm seeing now, based on the reviews and recommendations of so many women. Here's hoping I've finally found the right fit. (As ironic as that would be to find the perfect place to give birth for my LAST labor.)


Sara said...

Just another reason to find a practitioner you like and trust not to pull this crap. I was very fortunate with my labor and delivery with Grace--my OB let me do whatever I found the most comfortable and even commended me on how patient I was being with the whole thing.

This is why I am sticking with my OB this time around, too. I trust her. Not all OB's are horrible, but it does take some digging to find a good practitioner.

Carrie said...

Sara, you are really lucky and I hope your OB is there for you this time around. In this story, her regular OB went on vacation and this guy was the fill-in. Personally, I have never had a doctor or midwife I knew be the one to do my delivery, because of group practices. That's why I picked a practice with only 3 midwives this time around -- if I don't like even one of them, I am out of there and signing up with a solo or partnership practice for a home birth.

Sure, not all OBs are horrible, in fact I REALLY liked the OB I saw during my first pregnancy. But few of them are well trained to handle normal births with a non-interventionist attitude. They are surgeons, and since I'm not looking for surgery, I'm not going to one.

Bert said...

Hey. It doesn't have to be your last labor. ;)