Saturday, December 06, 2008

Moms, You Think You Have It Rough?

My husband and his brother were born about 14 months apart. They're "Irish twins," if you'll pardon the phrase. But here's a lady who had "Irish quadruplets." Yikes!

My favorite idea from this lady's hectic life: She made a little "holiding pen" by the back door to keep the toddlers corralled while she straps the babies into their car seats. My usual holding pen is the back yard: I get each girl into boots and coats, then open the door and shove them outside so I can get my own boots on without having them run off back into the house. However, a good friend pointed out yesterday that once the temperature dips into the single digits (it was about 15 yesterday), a neighbor might call DHFS on me for shoving my babies out into the cold.


Artist4life925 said...

We were talking about this at my friend's house today. She actually went to high school with this woman and knew both the mom and dad of the 2 sets of twins. It's scary how small of a world it is.

Kim Moldofsky said...

I recently wrote about "baby bunching" at Momformation. Frankly, some of the comments about multiple closely-spaced babies left me shaking in my boots.

babyboyg said...

I, too, shuddered as I read this. Seriously...chills and sweats, the whole 9 yards.

Anonymous said...

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