Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Will Try to Stay Awake Until the End of This Post

I'm enjoying an hour or so of silence I planned for and paid for months ago when I booked Nutmeg and Epu on a "Polar Express" train ride, scheduled, in a Christmas miracle, right during Pebbles' nap time. My body is telling me to use this hour to nap, but my brain says, "Blog! Write Christmas cards! Clean the house! Xmas shop online!"

In a compromise I am now blogging from my soft, soft bed and I will go to sleep as soon as I tell you a few things.

1) At 10-1/2 weeks, the thing inside me has graduated from embryo to fetus, and I think this weekend is the most normal I've felt in a long, long time. I have barely felt sick all weekend and the fatigue has even lightened up a bit. I am able to drink a cup of milk without gagging, as long as it's from a gallon that was opened in the last 24 hours or so. Since I didn't get to hear a heartbeat at my first midwife appointment, it's encouraging to notice that my uterus is growing. I can still wear my jeans without too much problem, but the hard-feeling area of my abdomen has expanded from the very bottom of my jeans zipper to maybe halfway up. It's not a baby bump by any means -- actually, what it seems to be doing is pushing up all my fat into a delightful little muffin top. A push up bra for my gut, if you will. Epu has assured me that this is very charming. In case he's wrong, I'm glad that my swimsuit provides plenty of gut coverage, because

2) We are going on vacation!!! To Mexico! I feel like kind of a fraud to those of you who read my frugal blog, admitting that we are jetting off to the Los Cabos area after Christmas. But honestly, it will not be too expensive: We are using frequent flyer miles, staying in a cheaper, more Mexican town, taking buses. We actually didn't redeem any of our flexible spending health and transportation accounts until the end of the year, so we'll pay for the trip with that. (Terrible fiscal policy, I know. If we were smart, we would redeem our reimbursements as soon as we spend the money, so our money could have been earning fabulous stock market returns or high rates of interest all year. That is a joke.)
Anyway, we have not gone away for more than one night without the kids, well, ever. And with baby #3 on the way and Pebbles almost weaned, we figured this is our one and only chance to make a break for it.

3) Nutmeg has been obsessed with drawing lately. She will cover the entire floor of the dining room with sheet after sheet of printer paper, covered with intricate line drawings of monsters and "evil snakes that eat good witches." Since Nutmeg seems so in tune with the outcome of my pregnancies, should I be concerned about this obsession with monsters all the sudden? Just to make sure that the little fetus does not resemble any of her drawings (except for the cute "ultrasound" she drew of a smiling little person with a correct-for-its-developmental-stage tail), we're going in for a sonogram on the morning of Christmas Eve. Actually, it's a standard first trimester screening including a blood test and an ultrasound, which is supposed to tell us our odds for having a baby with a chromosomal disorder such as Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18. If the results say the odds are low, we are DEFINITELY not going to do amnio. If the results are not good, well, their appointment center has soem god-awful timing, don't they?

By the way, the midwife was surprised that I was never offered a first-trimester screening before, since it is not limited to those of "advanced maternal age" like me. Actually, I think I have had the blood test portion before, but I don't think I got the early ultrasound because it is supposed to be done only in the first trimester. In my first pregnancy, I think my first appointment was at 11 weeks. In my second, I didn't get around to finding a local practitioner that actually took my insurance and scheduling a visit until 14 weeks. So that's why I've never had this before.

4) I will post some of Nutmeg's drawings soon. Right now Epu has the camera at the Polar Express thing and also, I'm about to fall asleep. ZZZZzzzzzz


Unknown said...

Holy cow, Mexico! I am so jealous! We might try to take a "babymoon" during this pregnancy (I'm due early April) but really it will just entail a night at a fancy hotel downtown, since we can't really afford plane tickets anywhere.

So I will have to live vicariously through you and your trip! Have fun!!

Kim Moldofsky said...

I can't wait to see the drawings. I'm gald you're feeling better and hop eyou have a fabulous and wram, sunny trip.

We take our mney out of the HSA at the end of the year and then reinvest it the next. Fun times for us, but we hit our out-of-pocket max this year :-( a resounding $10K. Ouch!