Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cookie Math

Here's a challenge for your math-talented kids:

If it took Carrie two hours to produce two dozen fancy Rice Krispies Treats, and she must leave for preschool pickup two hours from now (and she is already out of jimmies), how can she produce the full eight dozen required by school fundraiser in time to drop them off at school while picking up kid?
Extra Credit: Can she even get through this without succumbing to usual afternoon nap?


Jeevita said...

Buy the cookies from some place and fake em? That's what I'd do!

Carrie said...

Jeevita -- At first I thought I was too cheap to do that, but you're right. They had trays of 50 fancy cookies at Dominick's for around $10. I could have bought 2 of those to meet the 96 cookie quotient for less than it cost to make these.

6 boxes Rice Krispies @ about $1 each
6 bags marshmallow @ 89 cents each
4 bags Nestle chips @ about $1.50 each (w/ coupons)
6 containers sprinkles @ $8
about 2 sticks butter at about $1
about $26

I was keeping costs in line until I ran out of sprinkles and ended up having to buy some really small containers at full price. That's what happens when you let the 4-year-old pour on the sprinkles.

Jeevita said...

So how did you manage to bake the rest in a couple of hours anyway?

Carrie said...

I didn't -- it took me until 9:30 p.m. that night (not working continuously but still). I dropped them off the next morning just after the deadline.