Tuesday, December 02, 2008

9 Weeks

I think I'm turning a corner, morning-sickness-wise. Which is what usually happens to me in my 8th week of pregnancy.

Isn't it crazy, to have done this enough times now that I know what "usually" happens at certain times?

So I'm hardly feeling sick at all, but I am still flat-out exhausted. Wish-I-could-stay-in-bed-all-day exhausted. Fail to shovel front steps and now have icy mail-carrier-defying crust exhausted. (In Epu's defense, he DID shovel the steps before he left Monday morning. It just snowed more during the day and he had to work late so he didn't get out there for the crucial second pass.)

And why did he have to work late? Because he joined me to meet the midwife on Monday morning! The practice I'm most likely going with this time around is a group of just three midwives who deliver at an alternative birthing center contained within a local hospital. I say "most likely" because I haven't completely ruled out the idea of a home birth. More on that later.

I have to say I liked everything about the midwife practice Monday, and they come highly recommended by both a past patient and my doula from Pebbles' birth. In fact, my doula tried to convince me to make the 45-minute-or-more drive from our old neighborhood to here to see this practice last time around, but for some reason I didn't see the joy in making that trek once a month, more often in the snowiest, coldest months, with a 2-year-old strapped in the back seat.

We got there with the kids (couldn't get a sitter) Monday morning and Nutmeg immediately started checking out the colorful binders full of pictures at a table. I was preoccupied with paperwork so I didn't notice until later that these were full of photos of women giving birth. Specifically, they were all water births -- this practice is one of the few that does water births in a hospital. (Personally I have never been all that excited by the idea of my baby emerging into a bloody pool, but I DO like to be in a tub while laboring and I liked the look of their roomy birthing tub.) Epu says Nutmeg was curious and not freaked out by the sight of babies' heads emerging direct from the source, as it were. I was kind of amazed that so many women were willing to have their totally nude selves on display in this book -- after all we live in a relatively small town and you'd have to figure that people you know will walk in there at some point and look.

The midwife was cool, spent about an hour with me for the first visit, talking about their practice and answering my questions. Epu had taken the girls out to the waiting room early on because they were getting antsy. She said it would probably be too early to hear the heartbeat, and I asked her to try anyway, but she couldn't get it. She palpated my uterus though and said it was nice and "enlarged" -- in fact, she said, it felt like a 9 or 10-week uterus.

I promptly fainted dead away out of fear that this means twins. Once she revived me, she claimed that it was not quite big enough to make her suspect twins.

Just to be sure, I asked Nutmeg later. She said it's just one baby, and that by the way, it's a boy. I asked her how she knows, and she answered, very sincerely, "I don't know how I know."

I pointed out that she was wrong in predicting that my friend Sarah was having a girl. But Nutmeg told me, again in all seriousness, "I only know for you."

So, there you have it. Nutmeg, by the way, had a couple of overly emotional days at school after learning about the embryo, but now seems both pleased that it's happening and pleased that she's in on the secret. She has told a couple of her friends at school, and whenever I say that I'm hungry (approximately every 8 minutes), she conspiratorily tells me, "The baby is hungry."


Becky said...

Oh, the pregnancy exhaustion! I remember 9 weeks as being right in the thick of it. Sounds like y'all are holding it together quite well.

And I do not get water births. Water labor, I can see. Water birth, not for me.

Marketing Mommy said...

Loved the water labor, but it slowed things down so much the water got cold and I turned into a water-logged prune. So I stepped out, got on the stool and out came baby.

Unknown said...

whoa! WOW! CONGRATS! this is what i get for disappearing for five months... this practice sounds really great! of course, i would expect no less in your neighborhood. )

Unknown said...

Oooh, I'm interested in hearing more about your home birth thoughts. I am a childbirth educator, who had a hospital birth with #1 and am planning a (freestanding) birth center birth with #2. If we should be blessed with #3 I'd love to have a home birth. (My DH is not on board with a home birth this time, but I'm hoping that by #3 he would have a change of heart.)

I am planning to have a water birth this time so I'd be happy to answer any questions about it if you (or any of the commenters) have any... For me it's a very natural, logical thing, but I freely admit that each woman has to decide what is best for her own situation and I'm not trying to push it on anyone.

Also, anecdotal evidence: I have a friend with 4 kids, all of them between 8.5 and 9 lbs at birth. The last one was the biggest and the only water birth, and the ONLY one she didn't get an episiotomy with, and she didn't have any natural tearing either... So that says a lot to me about water birth.

Bert said...

Superduper! Glad you and the whole family like the midwife practice. Intriguing. I can't wait to see how it all goes! Hooray!

Sara said...

You're sooo lucky that the morning sickness only last till week 9...I had it all the way through with Grace and with this one it finally tapered off around week 14, and it's threatening to make a comeback. Ugh.

Carrie said...

Well, it's not totally gone, and I'm not saying I never felt sick later in pregnancy. Both times so far, I did randomly throw up in the second or third trimesters. But yeah, compared to many my pregnancies go pretty easily.