Friday, November 07, 2008

Pebbles at 21 Months

Pebbles loves books now. She has a favorite bedtime story: "Harold and the Purple Crayon." As she toddles through the house, if she comes across a book she likes, it's like she's unexpectedly meeting a friend on the street: "He-ey! Ma book!"

She's also been a crank-ass in the last couple of days. I dunno what it is -- I think she gets mad sometimes because I can't understand what she wants. Or maybe it's just a cranky time for her. But there have been tantrums, and there has been a lot of dinner table naughtiness -- willfully throwing things on the floor. And forget about getting her to eat anything if it doesn't happen to be mac and cheese.

On the upside, she has perfected the art of the hug. The warmest neck squeeze, the nicest shoulder pat. That makes up for a lot.

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