Monday, November 03, 2008

Oh, Ohio, Just When I Was Getting to Love You

I've been selecting Ohio every day to make "get out the vote" calls through the Obama Web site. I figured that way, if he actually wins Ohio, I'll feel some tiny sense of being part of it.

The people of Ohio have obviously been bombarded with phone calls about this election. I hope I am not doing more harm than good by donating my cell phone minutes and precious baby-nap-time by calling them. I've left a lot of messages, and spoken to a lot of cranky people.

Then, I reached a man in his 80s who assured me, "Don't worry, don't worry -- the whole family's voting for Obama." The very next call, the person who answered told me he was not the man I was calling for, but "his boy." He said he is also volunteering for Obama, but he won't be able to vote tomorrow -- because he is only 15 years old.


That helped cushion the blow when the very next call, the conversation went like this:

"I'm Carrie calling for Barack Obama's Campaign for Change. Is this Crankylady?"
"Yeah. You already called me!"
"I'm sorry about that. I'm just calling to remind you to go out and vote tomorrow."
"Well, I think I know that!"
"I know, you've been getting a lot of calls. It's just that Ohio is such an important state, and this election --"
"You people are just running this thing into the ground!" (click.)

So. Not sure if I should mark Ms. Crankylady down for Obama or no. Oh, wait, I guess that's the category "refused to talk to me." Although technically, she did talk to me.

Yay! The baby's crying and I don't have to call Ohio any more today! I have been delivered.

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