Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lo Hicimos! We Did It!

Yes we did.

Tonight as I tucked Nutmeg into bed, I told her that when she woke up we would have a new president.

"I hope it's Obama," she whispered.

Now I'm resisting waking her up with the good news.

So happy. So many tears tonight. I'm so proud of America right now. Did you ever think this country, in our lifetimes, would elect someone with a non-Anglo Saxon name? Much less a half-African man with the name of Barack Hussein Obama?

I feel like the nightmare that began 8 years ago is finally drawing to a close. I keep flashing back to that night when Gore's election was in question, and then the horrible weeks of uncertainty and injustice afterward.

It's so ironic that the worst years of our nation in my lifetime have also been the best years of my personal life -- the years when Nutmeg and Pebbles came into my life.

But, let's begin to heal from the 8-year nightmare. Let us begin to rebuild our stature in the world.

And also, let us party. We did it!


Jeevita said...


Bert said...

Woooooot! It's so cool to be living in such a historic time.

Kori said...

Amazing, isn't it. I feel overwhelming joy today, which is saying a lot, since I spent the good part of it in the DMV. It is nice to smile again isn't it?

Becky said...

We are happy over here too! We let Laura stay up until they called Ohio. Wow, what a great night.