Sunday, November 16, 2008

Link On Into Monday

My soapbox has been gathering dust for quite awhile, so lets give 'er a little workout.

1. A look at why crib safety seems to be on the decline in from the Pulitzer-winning consumer safety team at the Trib. And by the way, remember that huge crib recall? The company involved, Delta, sent out kits that were supposed to fix the problem that was killing babies. But according to the Tribune, there are reports of an entriely different hazard in the same cribs that the company hasn't done anything about.

What all this says to me is that -- as much as we have to rely on equipment for our kids' safety to some extent, we should not rely on it exclusively. I'm glad that the AAP recommends that parents keep babies in their own bedrooms, and with our next baby I will be more likely to stay in visual or hearing range while he/she is sleeping, even in the crib that has proved safe through two babies so far.

It also burns me up that the AAP and others (like the crib manufacturers) keep insisting that cribs are the only safe place for babies to sleep, in light of stories like this.

2. How did I not hear about this report when it came out last month? I blame Obamamania for sapping my bandwidth. "Evidence-Based Maternity Care," says that (hello!) childbearing women and their babies are not best served by the overuse of expensive medical interventions in American hospitals. And you don't have to read the report -- you can read USA Today's summary. My favorite line to give you a fright on this chilly night:

"I don't like to admit it, but there are economic incentives" for doctors
and hospitals to use the procedures, says Laube, who reviewed the new report
before its release.
For example, some doctors might get bonuses for
performing more labor inductions, which adds costs and increases the risk of
C-sections, which, in turn, increase hospital profits because they require
longer stays.
In addition, some doctors order unnecessary tests and
procedures to protect against malpractice suits, Laube says.

3. Check out this awesome lead-eating baby pic on my other blog. Someone here recently pointed out that I will have to change my blog header after the new baby arrives. So, I have an idea! How bout if I just insert this photo right in there? You know by the third baby lead chips on the high chair tray ain't no thing.

4. OK, this ain't a link, but here's a cute pic of Nutmeg in a sweater and hat Epu's mom made her. Our friend Michelle gave us the yarn. Thanks Michelle! And who knows how to pose like a real live moddle, eh?


Notta Wallflower said...

I read the article about crib safety. I'm pretty happy with our crib. Both H and I were pleasantly surprised about how straightforward the crib assembly instructions were. Our crib is a convertible Muniere', for any consumer who is interested. It's the nicest piece of baby furniture that Jellybean has, and I've been very happy with how sturdy it is. No mishaps like those mentioned in the linked article.

Nutmeg looks so cute in her sweater and hat. She looks so much like Epu in this picture!

Carrie said...

Notta -- I sid the same thing to Epu. There are certain expressions that both girls make that look IDENTICAL to pictures we have of Epu as a kid. And this is one of them.