Saturday, November 01, 2008

I Think Ohio Is Getting Cranky

I just finished an assignment of 25 "get out the vote" calls to Ohio, using Obama's Web site. I thought these calls would be easy compared to earlier this week when I was supposed to call and try to talk undecided people into voting for Obama.

But actually, everyone I spoke with on a weekday afternoon was friendlier, and more people were actually home. Maybe it's just the luck of the draw, but I have another theory -- these poor people are getting very sick of hearing how important they are to this election. I bet they can't wait until Tuesday.

Hang in there, Ohio. I'm not going to pester you any more today. Maybe tomorrow. But all you other Obamamaniacs out there? There are still Ohioans left to pester. Get on it.

(Actually, you can call a bunch of different states now. Not Illinois though. No one would waste their time calling Illinois.)


Anonymous said...

Ok found you through the Bloggess...I have to know, what is the title of the book you used for your header. I read this book when I was little. Please please tell me...because now my brain is hurting. And i'm getting cranky. Not just because I live in Ohio ;)

Carrie said...

Hi Michelle,

If I called you to remind you to vote in the past few days, I apologize. :-) The header is from "Dick and Jane." Well, I'm not sure which Dick and Jane book, but one of them.

Anonymous said...

wow. how weird. Thanks. that was making me crazy. I have wonderful memories of my grandma reading to me and with me when I was little. And I had one of the Dick and Jane readers when I was in school. Not to read AT school :) I just had one at home.
I voted early, did some canvassing and turned off my phone. I don't have I guess I will wait until tomor to see how it all turns out.
p.s. your girls are too cute:)