Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Got Pregnant, Got Flowers and Got Sick (in the Head)

I'm six weeks gone today, and right on schedule, I woke up feeling a little iffy. Nothing major yet, but moments of slight nausea hovered throughout the day. I also have this wierd kind of fatigue setting in. It feels exactly like when you have been working outside in the cold for way too long. Your arms and legs feel tired, and you realize that you just don't have enough energy in your body to keep warm? That's it. Doesn't help that the weather has taken a turn for the icy rainy. Funny, I thought I was supposed to be hot while pregnant.

Anytime I felt too tired or icky today, I just glanced at these to get a little cheer:

Guess who sent 'em? My mom and dad! With a congratulatory note about my embryo. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

Also cheering today: Pebbles said, "I love Mommy." And she wasn't repeating after me, I swear! I had just said, "Mommy loves Pebbles" and she turned it around. I was over the moon. So much so that I didn't even cry, later, when I asked her, "Do you love Mommy," and she casually replied, "Nope."

So, at six weeks: Nausea not yet omnipresent, fatigue definitely a threat to normal activity level but not yet crushing. Which is good because I have seriously a lot of grocery shopping to do this week. And by shopping, I mean getting stuff for free.

Warning: If you do not find gross things delightfully humorous, do not read the end of this post:

If the beginnings of nausea and exhaustion weren't evidence enough, I took my very last pregnancy test a few days ago, just to make sure that the hormone levels were rolling along as expected. Yep. This time around, the test line darkened as soon as the moisture touched it. No waiting. And it was almost as dark as the control line. So yeah, I high-fived myself and emptied out my pee cup.

Then I went downstairs and made a cup of hot cocoa for Nutmeg. Yep. In that cup. Don't worry, she didn't drink it -- I realized my (insane!) error just after mixing up her milk and cocoa powder. And dang, I hate wasting milk at the prices they charge nowadays, but some things, even I must pour down the drain.


Annie's Antics :-) said...

That is so funny that I nearly spit coffee on my computer screen!!!

I can TOTALLY see myself doing that. Gotta love mommy brain mixed w/ preggo brain ;-)

Notta Wallflower said...

Ha, ha, pregnancy brain, eh? I'm not sure what my excuse is for my mix-ups. :-/

Elizabeth L. said...

Funny story! Congrats on the pregnancy and on getting your daughter to say she loves you. We constantly have to remind our oldest that it's not nice to say you don't love someone - especially dad! (I think she might be a little afraid of me, though, since she hasn't dared say it to me yet!)

Bert said...

No way! That's freakin' hilarious! Mommy brain setting in, then, sounds like. :)