Friday, October 24, 2008

You Can Phone-Bank for Obama From Home

I have been wanting to participate in this election more, for obvious reasons. I do feel like in many ways, my children's future is at stake in this election.

I told a volunteer that I would take a road trip to Indiana to canvass door-to-door, but I am having second thoughts. I just heard on the radio that it takes 14 canvassing visits, on average, to win over one voter. The thought of driving all that way, leaving the kids with Epu when he is already so busy (fighting our mouse infestation, making curtains), to win over maybe less than a dozen people didn't seem wise. Think alone of the fossil fuels expended per vote.

So then I thought I would dedicate a day before election day to doing more writing about exactly why I feel that parents should vote for Obama. Why McCain's platform scares me and strikes me as the truly "risky" vote.

And oh, maybe throw in a little phone banking. I was actually having a little technical difficulty signing up for a shift tomorrow, in the West Loop, when I noticed on Obama's Web site that you can actually download a list of voters and MAKE CALLS FROM HOME. Like, why not?

Here's the link. I'll be doing this for an hour or two tomorrow, and if you feel the way I do, I hope you will try to work some phone banking in as well. They give you training through an online video, and talking points. I think it's an excellent opportunity for parents who can't always make it out to meetings, canvassing, etc.


Kori said...

When we drove up to Kenosha the other day, we were surprised (although I really don't know why) by how many McCain/Palin signs we saw driving in on 85th street off of Green Bay Road. We then discovered that it has been nearly impossible to get Obama signs in K-town, with people going as far as Madison to find them and being out of luck. Speaking to Wisconsin volunteers, we were told that the Obama campaign made a conscious decision to limit the number of yard signs, and that in addition to this, one of the warehouses where they were made was flooded. Finally, individuals were being asked to purchase signs, which deterred some folks. While I don't think yard signs sway that many voters, it was disheartening to see so many red state lawns.

But later that same day, I got online and found this very same "make calls from home" sign-up sheet, because I had received an email from the campaign specifically targeted to moms at home that could do this kind of work (it was addressed by Jill Biden). All I could think was, "brilliant." How do you win an election against a guy who says things like "the Google" and admits he doesn't know how to go online? You invest in computerized grassroats technology that gets you right inside voter homes, and let the roadsigns speak to the road.

Becky said...

Awesome! I did this for MoveOn, from home, and they make it really really easy to sit down, make a couple of calls, get up, stir the chili, and make a few more. Here's the link if anyone's interested:

They give you a script for calling MoveOn members, and it's simple. And fun, actually. People are so glad to get a political call from a live person. I'll be doing it a few evenings this week.