Friday, October 31, 2008

Worth a Listen -- One of the Founders of the Relgious Right Warns How Bad Palin Would Be for America

I know some folks are sick of hearing about Sara Palin and what disaster she could wreak on America. Personally, I will get sick of hearing about it when the danger has passed. With five days until Election Day, I think people really need to know that this is not just a choice between whose policy you like better or whether Obama or McCain has a better temperment to lead.

This is also about keeping someone out of the White House with an agenda that runs counter to the good of the American people. I was convinced of that anew yesterday, when I heard Frank Schaeffer speak on Chicago Public Radio's Worldview. One of the founders, with his parents, of the Evangelical movement in America, Schaeffer warn that a (shudder) President Palin would lead with the goal of bringing of hastening the apocolypse, leading to "illogical" behavior that would not be in the best interest of Americans.

Schaeffer sounds like a very interesting guy -- obviously he has left his Evangelical roots and has been a very vocal Obama supporter. He explains Palin's fringe group, and the troubling state of Evangelicalism in America, very clearly. It's worth a listen.

And sorry to scare you like that, but it is Halloween. Boo.

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Kori said...

We saw someone out with a Palin mask tonight while trick-or-treating. It was by far the scariest costume of the night.