Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Did Yahoo Know About This Before I Did?

All day yesterday, I got this ad at the top of my Yahoo email screen. And this one. I know that I have signed up for plenty of surveys, and I allow cookies and all, but talk about the end of privacy! I think Yahoo knew I was pregnant before I did.

Well, I kind of knew. First, there were feelings: I had a good feeling about this cycle from the beginning. Then there were those vague early pregnancy symptoms that I'm not sure if I believe in: like the cramping 8 or 9 days post ovulation. There was the fact that, after a month of staying up until at least 1 a.m., last week I suddenly felt the urge to turn in by 10:30.

Here's the test I took this morning:

Can you see the second line? It's faint in real life, but it's definitely there, and according to, "a line is a line." It gets harder to see when the image is compressed for the Web. Today is 13 days past ovulation, i.e., the last day of my cycle. I'll test again in a day or two and hopefully will get a stronger positive.

Here is where I confess: This was not the first test I took this cycle. It was, um, the sixth. On Saturday, 10 dpo (days past ovulation), I went and tested. I know, I held out on you, dear readers. I used my last gold-plated First Response pee stick, and nothing showed up. Then, I thought maybe I saw a ghost of a line. Then I went downstairs to start the coffee and got one of my cheapo test strips that I ordered online, took that test, and saw absolutely nothing. Then I looked at my first test and saw there was definitely a faint line, just where I had thought I'd seen something before. But I hadn't used a timer, so I couldn't be sure if this was one of those false positives that can show up if you wait 10 minutes or longer. I didn't THINK it had been 10 minutes already, but still, I was unsure.

Sunday morning, I took two of the cheapo tests. I thought I saw a very faint line on one, but not the other, and Epu asserted he saw nothing. He even told me that I was "seeing what I wanted to see."

Personally, at this point I was pretty sure I was pregnant and what I was seeing was that strips are NOT as good as First Response for early detection.

Yesterday morning, another el cheapo strip, and there was definitely a faint line after about four minutes. Today, the line in the picture appeared within three minutes.

Here is a little 1st day of pregnancy log (well, tecnically it's the 28th day, and maybe for Yahoo it's the 28th day, but it's the first day I've been in the loop):

weight = 144 (same as prepreg weight with Pebbles, but I'm hoping not to gain 35 pounds this time)
symptoms = none
notes = Just my luck: the first time I've had a bad cold in a year or more, I can't take any frickin' Theraflu. I really hope I get better quickly, because I was hoping to get a good two weeks of getting stuff done before morning sickness hits me like a brick wall.


Kori said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations. July baby, I assume? They are awesome.

Anonymous said...

i am SOOO excited for you.
i just started reading all of your blogs about a month and a half ago and really have been pulling for you.


Anonymous said...

Major Congrats.

Becky said...

Yay! That is exciting news. Congratulations!

Kori said...

I shouldn't jump the gun, I realize, but something just occurred to me.

Nutmeg is a spring baby.
Pebbles is a winter baby.
You are carrying a summer baby.

What's missing?

You and I are both fall babies, so I realize that you know a future autumn delivery would be saving the best season for last.

Collect all four!

Okay, speculation about pregnancies beyond this pregnancy concluded.

Jeevita said...

Wow, congratulations!!!

Carrie said...

Kori -- Jeez, you and Heather's mom are in cahoots, aren't you? I actually kind of wish we'd gotten this wild "another baby" hair a little earlier so I could have avoided a summer baby -- not looking foward to hot weather while in the 9th month, but then again the calculator I used said July 8 so maybe I'll be done by the end of June before things really heat up. I have no summer maternity clothes!
As for a fourth pregnancy, if we win the lottery, we'll talk. As it is, we're discussing putting 3 kids in one bedroom. Even if it turns out to be a boy.

Kori said...

Maybe your third will be a firecracker baby. :) You'll avoid at least 70% of the heat by giving birth by early July, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Yes, I am in cahoots with anyone that supports me saying "Collect all four!"


*Hippie* said...

Congrats!!!!!! That's awesome!!!! :) I have two July babies - one is even a firecracker baby (that was due June 28th!).

Sara said...

now that i'm not at work and i can actually post a comment...


Marketing Mommy said...

Congratulations! And, for the record, I've got a July baby and I thought the timing rocked--particularly since I could stay outside and entertain my oldest.

Artist4life925 said...

Yayaya! Congrats! I'm excited for you! I'm not allowed to try until after we buy a house :(

Abby said...

Ah! Yay, Carrie and Epu!!!! Do the girls know yet? You're going to have to change your blog header now to allot for baby numero tres! Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

I had an late august baby so I was pregnant the whole summer long, so it was.......not bad at all. If you have air conditioning, it is not bad, also, it was a very mild summer so I was lucky. But summer pregnancy is not bad at all, you don't have to worry about falling on ice and worry about snowstorms during labor.


Kim Moldofsky said...

Congrats! So this means you were pregnant when you came to hear the speaker at my house, right? Because I caught the pregnancy vibe from you but didn't say anything because it's just bad form. Yeah, I've got pregdar.
Best wishes for an easy pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

OMG, yayyy! I just read your comment on my Womb With A View blog and thought--wait, she's pregnant? Had to fly over here and see for myself. How exciting, congrats!!!

Red Headed Mama said...

Congratulations to you and your funny, funny family!

I bought those cheapie sticks online too (I used the OPKs as opposed to the preg tests) so your photo brought back memories! It's almost time for me to be pulling them out again!

Here's to a healthy 10 months!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


Hillary Steiner said...

So So happy for you!!!

This is such incredible news!

Bert said...

Hooray! I get to congratulate you in public. Congratulations!

Notta Wallflower said...

I'm hoping you have a boy this time! Either way, though, congrats!

Carrie said...

Moldymom -- Well, I don't know if I was pregnant at that time. That was my ovulation day, I believe. But, you know, conception doesn't happen at the moment of "doin' it." Maybe conception was occuring AS I WAS sitting in your basement. Kinda creepy, eh? Think of all the women around you -- on the El, at work, wherever -- egg and sperm could be fusing within them at any time and you would have no idea!