Friday, October 31, 2008

Redemption and Peanut Butter Cups

Earlier this year, my in-laws introduced Nutmeg to The Wizard of Oz. I thought she'd find it too scary. Instead, she's been transfixed by it. She watched it over and over at Grandma's house, forced me to reenact countless scenes, and listened to me read the book. So of course, this year, it had to be Dorothy for Halloween.

The nice thing about having a sister who's only 1: She lets you dictate her Halloween costume. So, introducing Toto:

Epu took a vacation day to be with the girls all day, and they loved it. The weather was beautiful -- the warmest Halloween I remember. After passing out candy and trick or treating for awhile, he took the girls to some friends' block party on the other side of our block while I passed out candy and chatted with the neighbors. Then we all ate homemade pizza.

Three years ago, when Nutmeg was the age that Pebbles is now, Epu missed her first trick-or-treating. He had taken on a crazy new position at work, just couldn't get away, was working every night until the wee hours. I remember very clearly that he didn't get home until after midnight that night -- because I was blogging about how scared I was home alone after watching The Exorcist with my friend. Three years later, Epu feels so bad about missing Nutmeg's first trick-or-treating that he wanted to take the whole day to be there for Pebbles.

At first he sat on the porch with the girls and handed out candy. Pebbles watched the kids approach, receive candy and leave. After an hour or two, it suddenly clicked with her, and she announced, "Wanna walk!" So they walked. And got the candy.

And I just ate some, and yes, it was good.


Kori said...

Okay, that wig just kills me. So cute.

What a pair those two make!

Please show them Star Wars so next year they can be stormtroopers (we saw a family of stormtroopers + Luke Skywalker last night---an unlikely group but so cute.) There must be an infant Yoda costume out there for #3.

Notta Wallflower said...

I love Dorothy! Pebbles is so cute in her outfit! I bet they had fun. I was wondering when to start with Jellybean. The only reason I dressed him up this year was because I got some costumes lent to me by friends. I can't remember when K started, but it was later, which upset him.

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm glad that morning sickness did not prevent your candy eating! :)

Anonymous said...


That wig with the blonde sticking out is hilarious. :)

Glad you had a happy halloween.