Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pebbles at 20 Months: Caligulita

I know -- she doesn't look like a tiny dictator. But read on.

I took the girls to our first free day of the year at the Brookfield Zoo, and it was really the first time that Pebbles was old enough to fully enjoy the experience. She ran up to each animal enclosure and greeted the beasts by name, with gusto: Hi bear! Hi chicken! Hi goats!

We saw a sow, and I could have sworn I heard her say, "Hi bacon!"

But what really struck me about this little dynamo at the age of 1 and 2/3: She is so dang bossy! Really, she's an 18-and-a-half-pound brute.

She marched right up to a 2-year-old girl sitting in the petting area with three goats. Mind you, there are THREE goats to go around, but right away, my little Caligula is pointing at the 2-year-old, who looks to weigh about 30 pounds, and saying, "My goat. Myyyy goat!"

Later, she muscled a toddler slightly older than that right out of the baby chick viewing area. When she pulls these moves, she squinches up her lips like she's Gary Coleman saying, "Watchoo talkin bout, Willis?"

I guess I should be intervening on the behalf of these larger children. I am probably raising a monster. But, I dunno. I just know that when they go to school and the whole big world, girls get beaten down a little. No matter how enlightened our teachers and parents, we end up learning one way or another that we'd better tone it down, step back, let the others pass. Besides, it just seems ridiculous trying to teach social niceties to a 1-year-old.

So maybe next time a 2-year-old cowers away from the Tiny Enforcer, I'll just tell the other kid, "Time to buck up." Is that terrible?

I just hope I'm raising the next Hillary Clinton, and not the next Sarah Palin.

p.s. Besides Pebbles turning 20 months today, Pebbles' Uncle Ken turned 32. Happy Birthday, little brother!


Bert said...

That is the greatest photo I have ever seen. Ever.

Hillary Steiner said...


You are right. Teaching social niceties to a 1-year-old is as effective as a fish riding a bicycle.

Buck up older kids.