Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Less Undecided Vote in This Country

A lot of things are undecided in our house these days. Like, is our house still like a mouse's, that is, does a mouse still live here with us? The traps set all over the place say no, and thankfully no new droppings have turned up, but all the same, anti-mouse military maneuvers will continue this weekend.

Also, Epu claims that we were undecided about whether he was taking the whole week off this coming week. We have Election Day, parent-teacher conference day, and about 1 trillion other things on the to-do list. I was certainly decided, and marked my calendar with big hearts all over the whole week. But apparently he did not request that vacation, because he thought we were undecided, and now it is not to be. Oh well, another week.

One thing here that has become more decisive is the latest el-cheapo pregnancy test strip. Taken this morning, 15 days post ovulation, it displayed a heartier, though not quite robust line, that even Epu agreed could easily be seen:

So I will stop walking around saying, "I guess I'm pregnant," or "It looks like I'm pregnant." I'm knocked up, all right. No doubt about it.

So, at 4 weeks pregnant, my symptoms are amenorrhea (and admit it, doesn't that sound like somebody who will NOT stop praying everywhere he goes?), gustatory ambivalence, crankiness and pregnancy brain. Crankiness could also be explained by every goddamn thing being difficult today, like having to try to put on Nutmeg's hockey skates for the first time with a clumsily bandaged finger due to having cut myself while chopping salsa a couple days ago, while having to stop to blow my nose every 3 seconds and while Pebbles stalks around the skate-putting-on area hollering, "nana! bees! bees! nana!" (translation: Mother, would you mind terribly if I could please have a sip of breastmilk right now, goddamnit?) Oh, and also like packing a lunch to take to ice skating so we can go right across the street to school afterwards, except that Nutmeg spills her cereal on her pants so we have to walk home and have her change, and then just as we're getting ready to walk back both girls need an emergency pants change (unders, this time), and then when we finally drive to school due to lateness, I notice that all the other kids going into the school are wearing costumes, and then I drive right home and get Nutmeg's costume, drag the now-sleepy baby into the school, get temporarily locked in the stairwell since school is in progress and doors are locked, and, finally, arrive triumphantly at Nutmeg's classroom only to have the teacher say, "Oh, most of the kids have already taken their costumes off."

But why would any of that make one cranky? Must be hormones, right?


margaret said...

omg Carrie! Congratulations!!! Now that you'll have 3 kids, will you ever fly anywhere again? We miss you.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Wow, I missed the first announcement since I've been lax on reading blogs this week, but congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you!

Bert said...

Okay, first, congratulations again. Second, that last paragraph made me laugh out loud when I got to the "locked in the stairwell" part. Seriously, it is like a sitcom.

Cindy Fey said...