Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gobama, Gobama, But ... Sheesh

I took the girls to Village Hall with me today with the intent of voting early. I thought, with the local fever for the flavor of Obama, the lines on E-Day were going to be too long. Besides, the hubs apparently forgot that he was going to take the week of E-Day off, so there would be no backup for a midday long line wait next Tuesday.

At Village Hall, you could see through the windows that people were lined up in a queue so long it doubled up like the snake in Snake Bite. Some random person called me by name and said Hi (Are you out there, line-waiting friend? Who the hell are you? I am so sorry but I did not recognize you and am starting to wonder if perhaps I was recognized by a reader.) Anyway, this person said she'd been waiting for over an hour. This was at TEN THIRTY A.M. -- typically the very best time to go anywhere because most people are supposed to be at work.

So, we left Village Hall. I can't stand in line for more than an hour with two little kids and a head cold (I'm not counting that little parasite in me yet because he/she/it isn't causing me any discomfort so far.)

So now, I'm not sure which will be worse, waitwise -- voting early or voting on Election Day? I generally ENJOY voting on Election Day, the civic ceremony of it all, but with the little ones of course I want to avoid any wait of an hour or more. Then again, maybe so many people voting early means the line will be shorter than usual on E-Day? I overheard in the Village Hall ladies room that there weren't long lines at neighborhing towns such as Berwyn or Elm Grove, so maybe we'll have to take a family drive there on Friday, when Epu is taking the day off.

Today's Trib says that 500,000 Chicago-area citizens have already voted. That's wonderful, considering that around here when you vote, you mostly vote Obama. Of course, it's kind of like our vote doesn't count, since our state is a foregone conclusion but ... get out there and vote anyway, people. I'm not making it sound real great, I know, but just do it.


Anonymous said...


Sorry to say, early voting in IL ends Thursday, Oct 30. If you go Friday, then it be close. I know b/c my hubby and I was going to vote on friday too, but then I checked online it ends unless they extend it like some states.

Carrie said...

Ohhh -- no wonder they said at Village Hall "It'll be even worse tomorrow." thanks, anon.

Marketing Mommy said...

What Anon said.

I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes to vote on election day, so I'm going to brave it on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I ordered an absentee ballot and dropped it in the mail... I can't stand in line over an hour with kids either!

Anonymous said...

WE absentee vote. I think that's how they do it here. Can you find a friend and kid swap on election day? That way if you do have to stand in line, you'll be by yourself.