Thursday, October 02, 2008 Challenge

Ever hear of It's like, you're a teacher in our crappy American school system, so of course you don't have the money you should to fund classroom projects. So, you go online and ask the general public, who thought they were already paying for this stuff through taxes, to pay for it through their credit cards.

Hmm. Let me try again to sell you on donating to

Here's a Chicago teacher who wants books about fish for her 3rd graders who "love research."

Here's a kindergarten teacher who needs a magnetic "fishing for ABCs" set. I think we had that in OUR kindergarten.

The Chicago Moms Blog, to which I belong, is competing in a blogger's challenge to raise money for classrooms on I really do think it's a worthy cause, I just don't think we should NEED it in a wealthy society like ours. Also, I love the way the Web site lets you choose the project and post a little message to the recipient.

So if you're inclined, visit the DonorsChoose button at the bottom of the page. Or here.

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