Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Blog Effect

Bloggers -- have you ever noticed how blogging about something seems to immediately change the thing you just blogged about? It's like in science, how observing something can affect what you're observing. If you blog that your child is napping great, the next day she invariably cries in her crib for two hours.*

So yesterday, I blogged that I had been waiting MONTHS to receive a new license plate in the mail. While not quite comparing to the dishwasher debacle of '06, this was a real drag because I had already been pulled over once and warned that I could get TWO tickets for driving around without a front plate and without a registration sticker. So if I wanted to, say, tool over to SuperTarget to get me some free carrots and a free prescription, I'd have to weigh the savings against the very real risk of ending up with more than $100 in tickets.

Yep, you guessed right! Today a shrinkwrapped license plate clattered into my mail slot! Good thing the baby wasn't asleep anyway.

* I am going to truthfully tell you that the baby has been in there one hour today without falling asleep, because I am confident that the moment I hit "publish post," she will be in dreamland.

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