Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn Ecstasy

Not that kind. This blog isn't all about drugs, for pity's sake.

But I've got black beans in the slow cooker, lentils on the stove and pumpkin in the oven. The real oven. That's not some kind of cute euphemism. I have no new news to report on that front.

All the stuff cooking is cause we're having this soup for dinner tonight. Doesn't that sound yumptious? The house is starting to smell good already.

The sun's shining its heart out, the leaves are falling, and I freakin' love autumn. Also, I have 8 plastic jack-o-lanterns in my house.

If that doesn't say autumn ecstasy, I don't know what does.


babyboyg said...

That sounds delicious!!! I'll have to save the recipe for when are in WI this winter. The idea of eating soup out here is just so unappetizing, in an icky-hot-and-humid kind of way. Kind of sad, really. I miss soup.

Unknown said...

Interesting recipe. Sounds delicious but I never would have paired the things on my own. How did you come across it?

Also, how was it? :)