Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Promise: This Is Not About Sarah Palin

OK, I am breaking my promise not to post about politics again here this week. Good thing I'm NOT running for VP even if I may be about as qualified as the Republican candidate.

But I wanted to share this story -- our government is discriminating against some Americans delivered by midwives.

Apparently, there have been midwives in border states who signed birth certificates for children they did not actually deliver. Children probably born in Mexico.

Should we prosecute people who forge birth certificates? Sure. But oh, here's an idea! How about we deny citizenship rights to anyone of Mexican parentage delivered by a midwife in a border town! Because, you know, someone else might have committed a crime a long time ago! A crime over which the citizens in question had no control! Or, maybe no one committed a crime. But we better deny these people citizenship, just in case.

Don't you love American justice?


Abby said...

This is so random, and has nothing to do with this post...but I was over at Dooce reading the comments and I was laughing so hard about the hard-core insomnia comment (like to the point my husband was like, "What are you laughing at the computer for?"). I was like, I have to click on the commenter, because I bet I would like reading her blog.

So, I click on it, and it's, of course, your comment! And, whadayaknow, I already read your blog.

Just thought you'd know I thought the comment was hilarious. Random, I know :)

Carrie said...

Abby -- Now, that IS funny. And ironic -- when I get the chance for a high-up comment on Dooce, I'm hoping that I'll attract some new readers. But with my luck, I attract my same old readers. Not that I don't love all you same old readers!