Friday, September 19, 2008

Nutmeg Decides to Stay in School -- and Sees the Dentist!

Nutmeg's week at preschool went much better this time, thanks. For example, last week she brought home the photo/name tag that identifies her cubby, because, she said, "this is my last day at this school." This week, I pulled it out of her backpack and suggested she hang it back up in her cubby, and she happily did.

How could she not love it? She got to take home "the mystery bag." This is the school's version of "Show and Tell," wherein they hide an object in this big canvas sack and give the class clues to what it is.

Yeah, is it just me or is there something dangerous about giving a 3- or 4-year-old a large sack and telling them to bring anything they want to school? I can just see little Timmy out in the backyard with a shovel, looking for Lassie's remains to show the class.

At any rate, Nutmeg chose conservatively and brought in the stuffed turtle she "made" at Build-a-Bear. Here were her clues:

Its name is Shellby.

It's green.

It has a Build-a-Bear tag.

It has a shell.

After that last clue, one girl in her class actually guessed it was a turtle. I'm impressed.

Today I got the class newsletter, complete with two pages of photographs. Apparently they have been learning about the concept of maps, mapping out their classroom and the school. Then they took a walk to choose a tree that they would observe throughout the school year.

In last year's preschool, the class did a pasting-googly-eyes-type craft every day.

Now, Nutmeg was happy as a clam last year too. But to me, these two schools might as well be Harvard and North Idaho College. Heh.

So the way it stands now, I'm super jazzed about the school year ahead, and Nutmeg is no longer talking about becoming a nursery school drop-out. So it's all good!

Plus, Nutmeg finally went to the dentist for the first time. It could not have gone better. I vetted the dentist first, and I was really excited to find such a pleasant office that was part of our cheap-o dental insurance network. The children's dentist happened to do my check-up, and I just loved her. She told me exactly what she was going to do before she did it, and, better yet, she told me that I didn't need to get any work done.

The last dentist I visited actually hauled out the novocaine and prepared to start putting in fillings without even asking if I had time to do it that day (I didn't, since I had a 6-week baby at home with Epu waiting for a feeding.).

Anyway, I brought in Nutmeg, with promises that she would get her teeth polished, which pleased her mightily since she felt this would make her look more fairylike. It's been all about fairies at our house this week.

Nutmeg climbed into the chair grinning. The dentist showed her that awful metal hook and told her she was going to count her teeth. She counted her teeth. Nutmeg was still smiling. Then the dentist showed her the industrial-strength electric toothbrush and used it to tickle Nutmeg's hand. She said she was going to tickle each tooth with this thing, and she cleaned Nutmeg's teeth, and Nutmeg literally giggled the whole time. Then she gave her a fluouride treatment and told us she has NO CAVITIES.

I've been stewing in guilt for oh, two years now, for not taking Nutmeg in sooner, and figuring that her mouth would be all full of cavities because of my delay. But no, I guess she's got her daddy's teeth. And she really does brush twice a day and occasionally even flosses.

Then Nutmeg -- and, when she threw a fit of jealousy, also Pebbles -- got Firefly toothbrushes. In case you are not initiated, these are the most awesome children's toothbrushes there are.

So yeah, it went, oh, 1,000 times better than I could have anticipated. I HATE the dentist and even getting my teeth checked and cleaned I was all, deep breathing, hypnotic relaxation exercises, the works. Nutmeg behaved much better than I behaved going through the same exact routine a week earlier.

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Kim Moldofsky said...

Glad it went well at the dentist. Hearing, "no cavities" is like the sugar-free icing on the cake.

LOL about quiting school. This new school sounds really cool, glad she decided to stay.