Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Trick Candles, Please

Today is my blogoversary. I have been writing this thing for five years.

Five years.

You'd think we humans would become accustomed to the passage of time, since it has been happening to every one of us without pause ever since we were born. But no, my brain cannot grasp the concept that I have been writing a blog for five years.

Here is my first post, uploaded on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 200-effing-3.

It was more like a journal then, since I hadn't told anyone I knew where to find it. Looking back, I feel like I was certainly a different person then: Responsible only for myself and for feeding the morning sickness beast, working full time, not knowing how to upload photos to Blogger. (Or maybe they didn't HAVE photo posting yet, who knows?)

And yet, reading those first few posts, some things are the same this fall as that autumn when I stood on the brink of our family: I was savoring every last ripe tomato of the season (and getting them in October since we were in California). I fervently believed that the Cubs were heading toward the World Series, and emotive weight of this possibility was about equal to the expected birth of our first child.

Here I am, five years later, contemplating doing the baby thing all over again, and definitely hoping to do the World Series thing for real this time around. Get thee behind me, Steve Bartman! (By the way, the Steve Bartman incident and deflating end of the 2003 Cubs World Series run, which I remember so vividly, didn't even merit a post in my second month of blogging. Obviously, I had no priorities back then.)

At BlogHer this year, I noticed that several very popular bloggers had started their blogs years after I had started mine. I try to think back to those first days and remember what I expected this to come to. Did I ever imagine that 50 to 100 people, mostly strangers, would come to my Web page every day? No, nor did I understand at that point that blogs could really become popular and have fans. I thought of this foremost as just a journal to record my pregnancy, then a place to share information with family. In the back of my mind I hoped it might help my writing career -- that it would be a place for me to practice column-style writing and maybe win the notice of a magazine Web site or my own bosses who would then give me great assignments to write more of same for fat stacks of cash.

Well, that didn't happen. But I did start cashing in, to the tune of up to $10 a month from BlogHer ads. Jealous? Yeah, I know. And eventually the community aspect, which I enjoy so much, came to be. I got my first comment, from a friend, about 11 months after I started the blog. The first comment from a stranger came two months later. I remember think, huh? Who the hell are you? It was "Aussie Mama." Are you still out there, Aussie Mama?

Anyway, I'm sure glad I wrote all this stuff -- at a wild guess, maybe 500 pages of material -- and I sure appreciate that some of you have read it. It's fun to page back and see the things I thought were noteworthy with Nutmeg -- "ooh, she threw something!" -- that don't merit a mention with Pebbles. I'm going to have to print the whole monster out at some point or otherwise store it in a safe way. For posterity, you know. Or for wiping posteriors?


Abby said...

Congrats, Carrie! I started reading your blog when it was still titled "The Nutmeg News" or something like that. It was the fall of '05 - and I don't even remember how I happened upon it, but three years later, I'm still an avid reader! I come for the stories about your kids, the parenting advice, an alternative persepective, and now your frugal endeavors. Thanks for letting me "blogstalk!"

Anonymous said...


I'm totally on the same page as Abby. Add me to the list of your "blogstalkers".
It's been fun. Keep those stories coming. :)

Kori said...

Happy blogoversary, friend. I have sure enjoyed reading your stuff. When I think about how different our lives look now compared to then---you were pregnant, we were infertile (now we have three gorgeous daughters between us), you were in San Fran, we were in DC (now we are both in Chicago)---what a journey five years can be. Glad we got to share it together.

Bert said...

Happy blogoversary! Five years! I can't believe it! Funny how things change over time. You now live halfway across the country in another city, but you're still savoring the fruits of fall and pondering the fuzziness of family. What a lovely entry! Much love from SF.

Red Headed Mama said...

Aw, the Nutmeg News! I remember coming across your blog (I think from a Dooce comment link!) and having NO idea that I had ever met you. Then I somehow put 2 and 2 together and realized that I worked with you at LookSmart! And that you were friends with Jack K.!

I knew that you left LS to work at the Chron, but all the sudden when I happened across your blog it hit me. We didn't talk at work, but I'm glad I get to listen to you now! Happy Anniversary!

margaret said...

Happy blog birthday! I remember you telling me about your blog way back when, and I was like, Wow, she can do it, I can too! So thanks for the inspiration. And thanks as ever for all your insights. Keep 'em coming.

Unknown said...

I stumbled upon your blog with some search I had done for a birth story, back when I was pregnant with my first. (Who was born January 2007, and I'm now pregnant with my second.) And I've been reading ever since. So keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary! You should print this... I think there is a web site that soule mama used, that turned her blog into a book. Here's to your next five years.

Jeevita said...

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! I came upon your blog last year when I was pregnant and decided to backtrack and read every post you'd written. I especially enjoyed all those early posts about Nutmeg. You seemed to be really enjoying every little thing she did and made parenting sound like a lot of fun!