Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Oprah-Dictated Rule in Our House

Last season on Saturday Night Live Amy Poehler joked that women today have the right to vote for whomever Oprah tells us to vote for.

That's pretty much how it goes at my house. So after tuning in this morning, I have a new Oprahdictate: No more cell phone use for the kids.

I've read recently about one influential doctor having reviewed the research and saying that cell phones may actually cause brain tumors. There is also talk about kids' who use cell phones having increased behavior problems. In fact, it even found that kids had behavioral problems when moms used cell phones while pregnant.

But, independent thinker that I am, I didn't make any changes based on research alone. No, I waited to see what Oprah said about it. OK, actually Dr. Oz said it: Keep the kids off the cell phone.

He also recommended that adults use a headset, which I had already read. I think my phone might have come with a little wired headset, somewhere.

Dear blogosphere, family and friends: Please help keep me honest on this one. If you see me allowing the girls to hold a cell phone to their ear, please grab the phone and throw it into the Western Chicago Lake. I mean, the river.

We don't have long-distance service on our home phone, but I guess we can get back to using those 10-10 numbers for inexpensive long distance calls. At least when the kids are talking.

p.s. Another one of the health stories featured on today's Oprah was about "dry drowning." Apparently, if your kid inhales water when swimming, they may not show any distress right away, but might have progressively more trouble taking in oxygen and then die in their sleep. Great, like we didn't have enough to worry about.


Marketing Mommy said...

We let our kids talk with their relatives "on the computer" via Skype, which is free. And the live video's a major plus for keeping them interested.

Carrie said...

That is such a good suggestion and thank you for reminding me of it. I even have a Web cam built into my new laptop so it's not like I have an excuse. Except I will have to get the grandparents set up with a Web cam, which I think they also already have.

Becky said...

Hey, have you seen the blog Living Oprah? http://www.livingoprah.com/

This person is spending a year doing everything that Oprah prescribes. Everything. It is worth a look.

Patois42 said...

"Dry drowning" is something I'd never heard about. I'm not one who normally believes that ignorance is bliss, but, dang, what I wouldn't give for some ignorance right now, as I head off to bed after the youngest lad went swimming today. Thankfully, his dad is away, so at least he's sleeping in my bed tonight!

Jeevita said...

Yuck, I didn't know such a thing could happen. Some further googling turned up this site:

All it does is distinguish between delayed drowning and dry drowning. Not much help if you wanted to feel safe :-(