Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's How You Help My Budding Blog Career

Update: I found out that if you use that little trick below, I won't earn a commission for your sign-up. But still, 3 months of free Prime means free Xmas shipping and that's an awesome deal. So please, still use the trick!

Then again, if you are not an online shopper and just want to help support this site, go ahead and sign up through my link. It costs you nothing and takes a minute. Literally, a minute or less.

Dear Readers,

There is a new box on the margin of this site. If you click it, you can get a free trial of Amazon Prime. And I can get a commission.

Do you see the box over there, below the BlogHer ad? It is blinking. It is blinking back tears because it is so moved by your generosity. It is blinking back tears because it knows that any referral fees would go right to Nutmeg's preschool tuition, and nothing makes it more misty than early childhood education.

Also, if you use this trick AFTER FOLLOWING A LINK FROM THIS SITE, you can get three months of free trial, not just one. Any shopping occasions within the next month? Oh, oh, oh, I don't know.

(Hint: There is a palindrome in the above sentence. Repeated three times.)



p.s. I have not tested again. I have been strong.

1 comment:

Sara said...

way to be strong!!! it's hard when all you want is to see the two lines...