Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Good Blog Day

One of the blogs I write for, Wise Bread, has a little deal with MSN. I have no idea what the details are, but occasionally something I wrote shows up on one of MSN's sites and somehow this is supposed to benefit me, beyond the time suck of reading 60 new comments put on my piece by MSN readers.

Today I found out what the upside can be.

A little post I wrote about 10 things I've learned from grocery shopping on a budget was put on the very front page, As of this writing, it's still up there, titled "10 smart tips for grocery-store savings."

I won't even complain that I didn't really write it as a list of tips, since I'm hardly a money-saving expert. I just wrote about what I'd learned from a few months of shopping on a predetermined budget as opposed to just trying to spend as little as possible.

I won't complain because so far today, the link made me 50 smackers. That's my AdSense total for the day so far, and yesterday it was only 20 cents. In fact, it usually takes me about two months to earn what I earned today on Adsense.

My budget shopping site got about 1,500 hits today, about, oh, 30 times the average.

Also, other writers on Wise Bread started thanking me because apparently the link sent a lot of traffic to the whole site.

So, let's hope this is part of a trend and not a crazy isolated event. Cause I like money. Don't you?


margaret said...

wow, a 100-some comments, cool! Thanks for alerting yer blog faithful. xo, m

Patois42 said...

I will cross my fingers that it's a trend. $50 will do wonders for your budget.

Kori said...

Woo hoo! Next time, YOU buy lunch...:)

Becky said...

Awesome, congrats! I was just on your shopping blog, and noticed there was no comment button--is that 'cause you were getting buried?

And let's hear it for money!

Carrie said...

Kori -- That's right. I had no idea while we were sitting there eating lunch that I was actually earning money.

Abby said...

Man, tough crowd over there at MSN (at least the first 6 or so comments I read). I love it that you're so frugal, and read your blog and Crystal's blog daily. You've certainly inspired me! And, congrats on the money making on the ads! I'm jealous :)