Monday, September 01, 2008

Am I the Only Democrat Thrilled By Sarah Palin?

And no, not because she's a mama with a baby on a presidential ticket. Although that _is_ cool.

I'm thrilled because when I learned about Mrs. Palin's extreme conservative resume, I heard lazy-ass democrats snapping to attention across the land. As exciting a candidate as Obama is, there are always slackers (and I bet more of us Dems are slackers due to the blood loss from our bleeding hearts than those always-a-working Republicans, right?)

Although I disagree with most of his policies, I can see that McCain is actually a good guy. A respectable guy. And, except for the war and women's right to control their own bodies, I can even imagine a nation led by McCain as being ... not so bad. Certainly better than what we have now.

But Palin. Wow! Here's a candidate we can all get together to revile! I mean, what if McCain croaked (remote possibility, I know! He's not even 80 yet, right?)? Think of Palin filling Supreme Court seats.

I know! You're heading downtown to pick up an absentee ballot right now, right? Cause you can't wait until November to register your anti-extreme right-winger a faint, elderly heartbeat away from the Oval Office vote, right?

As for the news today about Palin's pregnant daughter, I just laughed and laughed. Not because I don't empathize with a young woman in trouble, of course. But because it's just the kind of thing that usually happens to us Dems. And the ultra-conservatives who love Palin, who would have so much fun arguing that Palin should have been home extending a warm, motherly lesson of abstinence to her children instead of running Alaska, what can they say now? Will they rebel against their own candidate or just explain it away with talk about how great it is to choose life and get married? Oh, probably the latter, although the former would be so much fun to hear.

My mother pointed out that in choosing to run on the presidential ticket with the full knowledge of her daughter's condition, Palin made an uncaring parental choice. Since she's exposing her daughter to all that public scrutiny.

That's an interesting thought. I'm kind of sensitive to scrutinizing the parenting choices of a female candidate, since I can't think when I've heard the same leveled at a male candidate. No one criticized Bill Clinton for exposing Chelsea to all those cameras during her ugly, awkward years.

But really, I don't HAVE to worry about whether Palin's a bad parent or a bad person. She's not my candidate, she's one of the people my candidates are running AGAINST.

Heeheeheehee. I'm gonna go read about her political scandal, the one that's not off limits. And do a little more laughing.

OK, I'm really going to blather more: Doesn't it seem like McCain got confused and picked someone with all his opponents' problems, instead of trying to match their strong points? People complain that Obama's too young and inexperienced, so McCain found someone even MORE SO. People say that Obama can't connect with middle America, so McCain found someone from ALASKA. People feared that Clinton (when she was in the race) was too strong a woman and that men would see her as a castrating bitch. McCain found someone who tried to unfairly fire a man over a personal matter.

Now, personally, I love castrating bitches. But I'm sure glad the GOP ticket just acquired a couple scandals to take the media's attention of Obama's boring old land deal.

And speaking of Obama's land, you're never going to believe what Nutmeg's friend's first day of preschool is shaping up to. Especially since the candidate is heading home tonight.


Sara said...

Oh no, you're not the only Dem thrilled by McCain's choice. There are a couple of thrilled Dems living in this house to be sure.

The absolute best thing I heard last week was some idiot commentator on Fox News argue that Palin has great foreign policy experience because Alaska is so close to Russia. And he was serious!! I'm still laughing.

Kori said...

As for the secret service presence chez nous, they now have a tent---some kind of "command center"---at the preschool/Obama corner. I wonder if this will be the security checkpoint for preschool...I'll pass along details as I get them.

I think I'd be more thrilled with the prospect of Palin as a potential negative hit to the Republican campaign if I wasn't so painfully aware that a) McCain could win (spiraling me into deep malaise, if not full-on despair, for our nation), b) McCain could die (he isn't young and he isn't a stranger to cancer), and c) Palin could friggin' run our country.

Did you watch any of the convention tonight? ZOINKS. That is all I can say. ZOINKS.