Thursday, August 21, 2008

Toddler Speech Nibbles Are Calorie Free

Now that Pebbles is talking I can't stop posting about the things she says. Please forgive me if you are not as addicted to Toddler Speech Nibbles as I am. If you need convincing, please remember that Toddler Speech Nibbles are calorie free.

Actually, this is another animal post. This morning Pebbles reminded me of a cat, not a ferret. You know when cat owners run that can opener, and the cat comes running from the inside of the chimney or whereever because you might be opening cat food or tuna fish?

This morning Pebbles was nursing in bed and she heard Epu unfold the collapsible stepstool we keep in the bathroom. She immediately disengaged, climbed down from the bed and ran into the bathroom, saying, "My DEET! My DEET!"

I was thinking, we really don't have that many mosquitoes in the house since we duct taped around the AC. WTF, baby?

Then the toddler speech babelfish in my brain kicks in, and I go to the bathroom to warn Epu that what she is really demanding is to brush her teeth. Creak = stepstool = tooth brushing time. And if your big sister is on it washing her hands at the moment, you do your 19-pound best to pull her right off.

And here's one for those of you who like Tear Jerk Flavor Toddler Speech Nibbles:

Pebbles likes to nurse. She is not one of those toddlers who will get too busy and end up weaning herself. When she's teething, she wants to nurse ALL THE TIME. So of course Mommy often has to say, "No. No nana!" Like when I'm trying to grill $2-a-pound sirloin burgers or shave myself with free razors from CVS.

So Pebbles is on the couch, feeding her dolly a bottle of myserious white liquid (what do you think they put in those plastic bottles? I really hate to speculate because anything I can think of = gross. Sorry for bringing it up!)

Because I am a dirty hippie (who only because of the free razors), I asked Nutmeg to show her little sister how to breastfeed the baby. Since I am also judgemental about toddlers who choose to bottlefeed, I gave Nutmeg some pamphlets from La Leche League to share with Pebbles as well.

Pebbles catches on and pretends to breastfeed her doll for a few seconds. Then she pulls the doll away from her, looks at it sternly and says, "No nana! No nana!"

Sigh. That's me. Babylove denier. Modeling the refusal to breastfeed for the future generations.


Abby said...

Hi.Larious. Soooo funny, Carrie! Love the part about judging toddlers who choose to bottlefeed. He he he he!!!

Becky said...

Totally, toddlers can be so selfish, wanting all that "little me" time instead of what's best for their babydolls.

You have TWO cool blogs, I see!