Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sometimes My Kids Remind Me of Ferrets

Did you ever know someone with pet ferrets? If you did then you may know how ferrets will occasionally just lep the hell out, and run around in a crazy joyful chaos festival for a few minutes before settling back down to a life of napping and burrowing under the couch cushions.

OK, my kids don't remind me of the couch cushions part. They're not part ferret, part child, and I cannot stress enough that they were not raised by ferrets. But the other part. The lep out part. They do that.

OK, just watch the video.

By the way, I was quite surprised to hear she knew the name "Hannah Montana." When questioned about it, she showed me a Wal-Mart ad on the back of a magazine with a picture of a little girl dressing up and a photo of the actual Hannah Montana, and the written name. So here's the downside to reading: Suddenly she is not limited to consuming media information that I provide to her. I can avoid turning on the TV, but I cannot hide every magazine, billboard and (most pertinently) cereal box.

Nutmeg's media immersion has begun. And like with all kids, she's getting reinforcements of the media messages from her peers. She wouldn't have known that Hannah Montana had anything to do with dancing and singing, except that some kid at camp told her all about the young woman.

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Anonymous said...

I did used to know someone with pet ferrets. They were indeed just like this. Also, they freakin' loved peanut butter. And if you picked them up by the scruff of their neck and petted them, they would instantly fall asleep.

I loved those little guys, but was so happy that somebody else owned them. If only I had known that someday I might feel that way about my children!