Monday, August 25, 2008

Pebbles Update

The kid is now 18 pounds, 13 ounces. That's up 12 ounces since her last visit.

I thought that sounded pitiful, but once the nurse plotted it on the growth chart it showed that same curve, echoing the curve that the "other" kids have. You know, the 1-100th percentile kids.

Once again, after examining Pebbles and hearing stories of her milestone breaches, our fantastic family doctor declared her healthy and "a peanut." This is apparently medical jargon, since our last doctor called her the same thing.

How I ended up with a house full of nuts -- a nutmeg and a peanut -- I don't know. I have always striven to live my life by the most conventional, non-nutty standards.*

But here are some of those recent achievements with which I regaled the doctor:

  • Pebbles can snap Legos together.

  • Pebbles can say more than 50 words (baby, hi, hello, bye, nigh-nigh, eat, hungry, pizza, cookie, ice cream, cheese, dip, milk, juice, cup, mommy, dad, gampy (grampy), ride, walk, ball, whee, pool, shoe, my, couch, crib, mao (cat), cat, doggie, coupons, money, watch, tv, whatdoing?, wherego?, igetyou, no, nana, up, down, bike, book, read, all-done, uh-oh, her own name, poopy, grape, peach, apple, plane) .

  • Pebbles now tries to go down steps on her feet, facing forward. So far this requires holding an adult hand.

  • Pebbles will repeat a three-word phrase on first or second hearing. This morning, it was, "No babies allowed." She totally missed the irony there, though.

* Don't you hate it when people talk about how nutty they are?

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