Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pebbles: Happy Half Birthday

Today Pebbles is one and a half. My parents are over and they bought cupcakes to celebrate. That will make Pebbles very happy, since her recent discoveries include:

1) Sometimes eating is fun.
2) The things that are fun to eat are sweets.
3) One really great sweet to eat is “kaaaaay.” That is, cake.

Pebbles’ specific food demands are usually whatever she sees on the counter that is not being put on her tray. I’m offering cut up veggies, she is waving her arm at a box of cookies and calling it by name. Each meal now begins with a reconnaissance mission wherein I sweep the kitchen for distracting treats before attempting to bring her in to eat.

I say attempting because Pebbles has, right on schedule, developed that toddler resemblance to an untranquilized wildcat. She will climb into her high chair on cue, but may well throw a fit if I try to do something inappropriate, such as snap a tray onto that chair. She really only wants to be eating while wandering the house or standing up on someone’s lap at the dinner table, grabbing food off other peoples’ plates a la Helen Keller.

To me this kind of behavior epitomizes annoying bratty kids. I’ve seen SuperNanny enough times to know that the families with the most discipline problems are the ones whose kids don’t sit in their seats through the meal. Then again, I do have to keep my expectations at toddler level. I remind myself of a young woman who works at my gym, who brings her baby to work. He’s about 12 months, and she recently confided in me that she’s worried because he’s so, so selfish. She was wondering when he would learn to share.

Since he’s male, I told her, he might develop his first selfless behavior, I dunno, after the birth of his first child. If his wife is lucky. (Sorry, males! But c’mon, it’s kind of true, right?)

Aside from driving me insane, Pebbles is coming along nicely. She has become very interested in picture books. She loves to point out different pictures in a book as we try to read it to her. Some nights she likes to kiss every human and animal form in a book. Bedtime has become a very active time, with her jumping on and off my lap to retrieve more books from the bookrack. Not surprisingly, this means she’s not at all settled and sleepy by the time we stop reading, finish nursing and put her in the crib. There has been screaming. I guess we need a new bedtime routine. I’ll have to think about that.

On the upside, her naps have suddenly improved greatly. She now will sleep three solid hours almost every afternoon, even if she’s been interrupted by being carried in from the car. Before she was napping one to two hours. Nutmeg started having really long naps right about this same age. For both girls, we stopped going to them at night at this age. I wonder if the night weaning has anything to do with longer naps? Or maybe it just happens at this age?

All in all, we here at Funny Family LLC are favorably impressed by Pebbles’ progress and have decided to renew her contract for another six months.

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Patois42 said...

Carrie, you're closing line so dang cracks me up! Congratulations on her renewal. Here's hoping she doesn't go the way of Favre down the line.