Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Cute Enough? Are They Blind?

I'm not saying the bureaucrats who run China are heartless or anything. Let's see: Mean to kitties? Check. Mean to little girls? Check.

Oh, I guess I am saying they're heartless.

And let's put aside the meanness of telling a very accomplished young lady that she's not going to get to sing in the opening ceremony because she's not cute enough. Let's put aside the ethics of lying to the world, because I would never have expected the people who run China to understand the value of telling the truth. Let's talk about taste.

That little girl is cute. Come on.

But hey. This is a government that has stuck with the one-child policy for nearly 30 years, despite the knowledge that it has caused the murder and abandonment of untold numbers of baby girls. A government whose policies cause thousands of little girls to renounce Chinese citizenship and leave their homeland every year.

Obviously, these guys have seen very few little girls they consider cute enough. Cute enough to live, cute enough to know their birth parents.

I guess in that light, not being cute enough to sing at the Olympics is not much of a blow.

(The photo is lifted from the German magazine called Express, which apparently lifted it from Chinese TV.)


Lorrie Veasey said...

Well...erm...I KINDA get what you're saying. But I'm not giving up Moo Shu Pork. Not For Nothin.

Carrie said...

Oh, don't get me wrong. I LOVE moo shu pork. In fact, I have rarely met a Chinese dish, person or place I didn't like.

I'm quite sure that the Chinese people as a whole like cute little girls. And those that have given up a child -- that is a tragedy. I feel for the parents, even those who favor male babies over female.

It's just the government thugs who are a bunch of a-holes.

Kori said...

I'll tell you what I find strange---likely thousands of girls are adopted out of China every month, but a whole mess of 12-14 year olds qualify for their Olympic gymnastics team, then are promptly issued new passports that "confirm" their status as 16-year olds.

Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge the team their stellar gold medal win last night. I just have to say, it is particularly impressive that they did it with girls barely out of elementary school. You will never, ever, ever convince me (or Bella Karolyi) that those girls were all 16 years old, even given short stature.

It takes a certain, special kind of chutzpah for a government to create FRAUDULENT PASSPORTS to sneak girls past the rules when you are HOSTING the games. With that in mind, "not cute" seems par for the course.

Please pass the Moo Shu. Yum.

Sara said...

I was totally outraged when I read the article on CNN about the "cute" lip syncher. Yeah, she's cute, but so is the little girl with the talent. I also found it interesting to read that some of the fireworks displays shown on the night of the opening ceremonies were actually pre-recorded material...the sky was too hazy (no doubt with smog) on the night of the actual opening ceremonies for the real fireworks to be visible.

It seems like one hypocritical charade to me. I'm still pissed that Bush went to the opening ceremonies.

Patois42 said...

Amen, sister!