Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Cousin Says That Crying at Sappy Commercials Is One Thing, Crying While Frying Eggs Is Another

Nutmeg hates it when I cry. Whether it's at an emotional passage in one of her books or what, she'll always get a little agitated and say, "Mommy, don't cry!"

So I'm getting better at flexing my tear glands to hold it in. Really! It's kind of like doing your kegels, but in the corners of your eyes.

Like today. Between our house and a nearby park, we have to pass exactly one driveway. All the other houses have garages that exit to the alley. As we approached that driveway today, Nutmeg held both hands out like a crossing guard to hold Pebbles back.

"That's good, Nutmeg," I told her. "Remember, you and Pebbles will have to look out for each other your whole lives."

And ... I didn't cry! I just squinched up my cheeks. And we made it past the driveway just fine.


Kori said...

Awh, this has me crying!

Notta Wallflower said...

Aww! You know, you shouldn't feel bad. After I had Jellybean, I came home and watched that CVS commercial - the one with the song about ordinary miracles. Then I started bawling because I thought about Jellybean. I'm finally past that now. :-P Jeez I'm a wuss.

Jeevita said...

Thats so sweet! Aww..